My Experience at the Harn Rachel gerardi

Medium of the Art and Technique of the Artist

The Female Royal Ancestor Mask was an especially unique piece of artwork. The combination of beads, shells, furs, and wood used to compose these masks were beautiful. I found it ironic that this mask was used to draw people in, because although it was a beautiful piece, the facial expression seemed relatively negative and maybe even saddened. In a way, this piece or artwork communicated a message of bitter sweet, ying and yang mentality.

Design of the Museum

I very much enjoyed touring the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing. This wing contained so may beautiful, hand crafted dishes, painted in an array of colors. There was a rack of vases that stood out to me along the front wall. There was pottery of every color of the spectrum, in all various sizes. Not only was the artwork very beautiful to look at, but the exhibit was crafted in honey brown wood surrounding the walls and floor. It added to the aesthetic. This exhibit made me feel like at my grandma’s house, because she has her china dishes on display in the front room of her home.

Art and Core Values

The Con Todo Respeto (with all respect) stood out to me because of its inclusion and support of gay rights. Although this artwork was made in 1947, when homosexual relationships were not as prevalent and spoken about, they were still able to respectfully acknowledge and include it in the artwork. I see gay rights to be a very important part of today’s society. This artwork instills a message of inclusiveness and acceptance of one another.

Art and the Good Life

The Seated Bodhisattva artwork really evokes a theme of tranquility and peacefulness. Although defining the good life is unique to each person, I define my good life as having a balance of things, which I believe a Buddha represents. In this piece of art the Buddha sits there with knees crossed, eyes closed, in pure meditation and I think this really helps to communicate a theme of setting aside time in one’s day to reflect on their life. Seeing this helps amplify my appreciation for not only artwork in general, but also its contribution to visualizing the good life.

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