MEI LI As Beautiful As You

As Beautiful As You

MEI LI started with the idea of making handbags that fit into a person’s lifestyle. Instead of the idea that a bag “makes” a person, we believe that the person is what makes our bags come to life. We strive to make luxury handbags at an affordable cost, using ethically sourced materials, and humane facilities. Our bags are the result of years of dreams and decades of hard work. We look forward to becoming a part of your life.

Our Brand Story:

Our name “Mei Li” originates from the word beautiful in Chinese. Our focus as a company is to expand on MEI LI’s aesthetic presence and allow our customers to live beautifully through the use of our stylish and functional products.

We draw our inspiration from our Asian heritage. If you look at the fashion brands today, you will see many of them are based either in Europe (Italy, United Kingdom, or France) or the United States (New York, Los Angles). We choose to be based in San Francisco and Hong Kong because we wanted to imbibe our brand with a fresh perspective and new locale. As both places emerge as some of the trendiest and most diverse places in the world, we want to use that energy to drive our brand.

MEI LI is not looking to follow suit of every other design house, but rather come to the market representing our unique heritage and cultural collaboration. In a time of limited Asian visibility, we embrace who we are and where our heritage takes us.

MEI LI is a journey for us. Our mission is to make beautiful products and to share them with the world. We want to use our brand to encourage people to cherish the beauty in life’s moments, and to live creatively. We want MEI LI to become synonymous with beautiful living. We aim to be as beautiful as you.

Company Information:

Founded: 2017

Leadership Team:

Olivia Chan, Head of Design

James Ng, Founder

Akiko Bates, Branding and Communications

Number of Team Members: 6

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Design House: Hong Kong

Ownership: Private

Media contact:

Akiko Bates: akiko@meilibrands.com

Personal Bios:

Head Designer

MEI LI’s Head Designer, Olivia Chan, is a veteran of the design industry. Starting as a shoe designer, she accumulated over 15 years experience and numerous industry awards. Her most notable accolades are for her ability to fuse diverse styles. With her passion for fashion, she longed to design a leather goods line that she would actually use. As a fashionable modern woman herself, Olivia understands the pressure points and trials of making a functional and elegant luxury bag. Her goal was to design a line of style and quality without compromising either. With her experience and feedback from customers and other fashion houses, she designed a bag for maximum function that is as beautiful as the women who use it.


James Ng is the founder and CEO of MEI LI. James has over five years experience in the mobile accessories industry and has launched a number of successful real estate businesses. James spearheaded and developed the concepts that serve as the cornerstone of our business philosophy. It was James’s vision of bringing Asian representation in business and design to the fashion industry that brought the MEI LI team together. He is a champion of diversity and transparency every day in both the MEI LI workplace and in his everyday life.


Akiko Bates runs MEI LI’s media and outreach team. Her diverse background includes working on the social media team for the Sony Open in Hawaii and the launch of Fashion Week Honolulu. Akiko’s work in sales for Kate Spade sparked her handbag addiction and provides real world understanding and insight at the consumer level. She is excited to share her passion for handbags and MEI LI’s intelligent designs that make a woman’s most used accessory beautiful and useful.


March 2017: Concept Started

August 2017: Company Incorporated

October 2017: Product Design and Development Starts

December 2017: First Prototypes Complete

January 2018: Second Prototypes Complete

February 2018: Corporate Website Complete / Kickstarter Campaign Development Complete

February 2018: Kickstarter Campaign Launches

March 2018: Product Final / Materials Ordered

April 2018: Manufacturing Starts

June 2018: First Shipment of Products to Customers




The Min Crossbody was inspired by the idea that a crossbody bag could hold and do more. Featuring an inner key ring an inner zippered pockets, this bag is structured to securely hold all of your essentials.

The flap and lock easily opens up for quick access to the contents inside, while concealed magnetic buttons on the back fuse with the Mei Li magnetic wallet allowing your full-size wallet to become a part of your crossbody.



5.5” x 7.6” x 2.3”


5” x 7.6” x 1.1”


5.5” x 7.6” x 3.5”

Total pockets within the bag: 4 in total (one zipper pocket)

Total slots within the wallet: 12 card slots, with one zippered pocket in the middle and two larger side pockets


The Lian tote reimagines the daily handbag for the modern woman. The intentional compartments, key ring, and internal and external pockets make it the perfect busy life companion, while the premium nappa leather and luxe design make it a style icon. Sized perfectly for work and business dinners, the Lian is our most versatile design.

Compartment/Holders for:

* up to a 12 inch slim laptop

*an iPad/tablet/Kindle

* Computer accessories

* Umbrella

* Water bottle

* Cables and earphones

* Cellphone

The Lian and Lily totes have: two outer pockets, one large zippered pocket, and two small pockets, and one larger pocket behind that.


10” x 15” x 5.5”

Keep your keys accessible with a special key strap.

Slip the optional small card wallet into a designated pocket for safekeeping.


The Lily tote reimagines the work tote for the modern woman. With the same amazing features of Lian, the Lily tote expands on that innovative design by just adding more room. Designed with the woman who needs it all in mind, the Lily tote has space for not just your everyday essentials, but for items like gym shoes and binders. For a woman who has a lot to fit into her day, the Lily is spacious enough to carry everything she needs to get through it.

Compartments/Holders for:

* 15 inch thin laptop

*an iPad/tablet/Kindle

* Computer accessories

* Umbrella

* Water bottle

* Cables and earphones

* Cellphone

Keep your keys accessible with a special key strap.

Slip the optional small card wallet into a designated pocket for safekeeping.

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