A trip to Noten Ireland (northern Ireland) were just having a bit of craic ;)

Howdy ya bunch of travellers our names are Clara and Paula. We heard tell that you were having trouble understanding us leprechauns. So we're here to help ye out.

Here are top 5 most used Irish phrases in Northern Ireland.

Number 1: What's the craic?- Referred to asking "how are you?" ,"what have you been up to?" This is a conversation between two Irish people and two American people or English:

btw this is a man waving

conversation between Irish people :

Johnny: Hey Billy What's the craic? billy: fine Johnny.

conversation between English and American People:

johnny: hey billy what are you up to? billy: im fine thanks johnny how are you?

Number 2: we're suckin' diesel- Normally used when saying we are doing great, but Irish people are weird so they say it in a different way. we are basically offending ourselves. This is another conversation. Between American/English and Irish people.

Irish conversation:

Benjamin: Ahh we're suckin' diesel now lads. Bobby: Aye mate so we are

American/English conversation:

Benjamin: Ahh we're doing great now guys. Bobby : Yes, we are.

Number 3: keep her lit- mostly used to say keep going you can do it (even though you can't jkjkjkjkjkjk). Here is ANOTHER conversation :) (your probably sick of these converstaions but just deal with it cause we're still doing them :) )

Irish people:

Coamhi: keep her lit Maddie you can do it Maddie: STOP LYING TO ME IM TIRED. (us Irish people are very VERY angry a lot of the time)

American/English people:

Caomhi : Keep it going Maddie you can do it. Maddie: Awh thank you.

Number 4 : Banter- Would normally mean having a bit of fun. Like this sentence ' we're just having a bit of banter'. Lets just forget about the conversation for this one.

Number 5: I'm just pullin' your leg- I know this sounds very werid but its acutally used a lot amongst Irish people. This doesn't actually mean someone is pulling your leg (why would someone even do that?! this is actually more peculiar than the sucking diesel) this normally means im just having a bit a fun with you don't get offended if someone says that.

that was it folks, I hope you understand us a bit more now hope you liked it because its took us half an hour to do so you better (im only joking :)


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