Paper Towns By: john green

Published in September 22nd, 2009

John Green was born in Indianapolis. He moved to Orlando Florida when he was only a few months old. The setting of this book is there also. His reviews have appeared in the New York Times reviews. He likes to write for a teenage audience.

Margot Roth Spiegelman- is very adventurous. Quentin said, ┬ĘShe loved mysteries so much she became one."

Quentin Jacobsen- Narrator, Margo's neighbor. he was always very quiet and reserved, until he met Margot, who made him go everywhere and on adventures.

The story starts off by Margot and Quentin who have not spoken in years, yet they are neighbors. One night Margot shows up at his window asking him for help to drive her around during her plan to get back at her friends who she is mad at. He goes with her and their whole night consists of them breaking in places and adventures. Margot then disappears, leaving clues behind for Quentin to find her. His friends Ben and Radar help him find her. They find a clue saying she is in ┬Ępaper towns," they skip graduation to go find her because they have before the next day. Once they find her they find out that Margo and Quentin have different views on what they want and where they want to be. They then separate.

I like the adventures and mysteries that go on throughout the story. There wasnt really anything that I disliked.

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