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Louisa’s New Leash On Life, a 501c3 nonprofit canine rescue, is dedicated to helping senior, medical, surrendered and/or abandoned dogs and puppies find a positive and loving environment where they can spend the rest of their lives.

Since 2015, Louisa’s New Leash On Life has placed over 400+ dogs/puppies and 1 cat into loving permanent, hospice and foster homes.


ADOPT - Ready to adopt? If you've spoken with Michael or Nicole and have met the dog/puppy of your dreams, this is where you start the process by CLICKING HERE to fill out our adoption form online! Make sure you have all the information to fill this form out. Don't worry, if you can't finish it one sitting, you can always come back later and finish up the rest of the form! Once we receive the adoption contract, we will email you detailed instruction on how to pay the adoption fee. Once we receive the adoption fee payment, we will schedule a day with you to finalize the adoption and you and your new furry loved one can spend the rest of your lives together!

VOLUNTEER - We have so many volunteer opportunities and not enough volunteers! If you want to transport and handle dogs at adoption events, walk dogs during the week that are in boarding or in foster homes, help train dogs so they have a better chance of being adopted, there is so much you can do to help. We don't ask you to commit certain days or times, it's when you're available and want to help! Help us get these amazing dogs and puppies adopted by filling out our online volunteer/foster form! If you have questions, feel free to call us @ 702.406.9550 or contact us via email @ info@LouisaLeash.com.

FOSTER - We are always looking for amazing fosters that will help us rescue more dogs. We also work with several rescues so if you have a specific dog in mind you wish to foster and we don't have it in our roster, chances are there is a rescue we work with that has that dog you're looking for! Fill out our online volunteer/foster form to get started. If you have questions, feel free to call us @ 702.406.9550 or contact us via email @ info@LouisaLeash.com. This is your chance to give a dog/puppy a safe place of comfort until they find their permanent home!

DONATE - Louisa's New Leash On Life accepts monetary donations as well as dog/puppy supply donations. If you would like to make a monetary donation to our organization online, please click here

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Pug P Chop Adopted

He was here for a short while, then poof, he was gone!

Pug P Chop was adopted so fast!

Have a happy life Pug! We enjoyed your company while you were here!

Trooper Adopted

May 31, 2018

Trooper came to our rescue as an owner surrender. The sad part was the owner had to choose between her son and his dog vs Trooper.

After hearing the story, I would’ve easily chosen Trooper but that’s just me lol!

In any event, Trooper is going to the Issac family who fell in love with him instantly and he’ll get to be around a kid which he’s always been around too.

Good luck little buddy! Have a wonderful life with your new family!

Milo Adopted

After having to endure surgery twice in less than two months, Milo went home with his new family stilled with a cone on his head!

Congrats little buddy! May you have many years of happiness and love with your new family!

Potsticker Adopted!

May 31, 2018

I don’t know who was luckier, Potsticker or her new adopted parents! They fell in love with each other immediately!

Have a wonderful life Potsticker!!

Prissy Adopted!

May 12, 2018

Today this little angel left with her new mommy who brought her own mommy to meet Prissy!

Her new name will be Penny. Unbelievably, she has been returned two other times, so hoping that the third time is the charm.

Love you Prissy! Have a wonderful life with your new family!

Rest In Peace - Bud D Beagle

Senior Medical Dog - May 4,2018

We rescued Bud last year from Texas, his human mom had become very ill (and a week prior Abigail past away). His dad didn’t want him so he was transported to Las Vegas.

He immediately fit right in at my house. He had some major medical issues that we got under control. He went to a hospice foster home and wasn’t given his meds and supplements, so he regressed. He ended up coming back into our rescue and recovered nicely, but unfortunately the last week, his health deteriorated so after much thought, and the fact he came into my room and looked straight into my eyes in pain, the decision was made to let him rest.

Thank you Leo Olson for driving Bud to Ann Road Animal Hospital.

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days has been a huge success for many of the dogs we have had up for adoption. While a few of the potential adoptions still require home checks, we are very happy to announce that home checks were done with the hoomans pictured below and the adoptions have been finalized!

Rest In Peace - Madison

Senior Medical Dog - April 23, 2018

Today we had to bring Madison to the vet so she could finally be at peace. Thanks Stacia for coming from the other side of town so quickly and picking us up and bringing us to the vet.

If you foster a dog for a rescue/shelter and can’t commit to the care requirements/instructions that they ask you, it’s better to return the dog or not foster the dog at all than to let it suffer it’s remaining days.

Love you Madison, I am sorry you weren’t taken care of properly.

Rest In Peace - Bandit

Senior Medical Dog - April 23, 2018

This evening Bandit’s family brought him to CRAH and found out he was suffering from heart failure. It was decided that it was his time.

To Bandit’s adopted mom Julie and her entire family, we would like to thank you all for giving Bandit a loving home to spend the rest of his life.

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