Enter the Rainforest Joseph Wilson

Go and enter the rainforest.

Maybe within the's

A slithering snake or a jaguar roring,

A swiftly falling waterfall,

Or a tweeting toucan.

Go and enter the rainforest.

Maybe you'll see an army of towering trees.

Maybe you'll discover a colossal beetle.

Or a vivid dart frog,

or a faint jaguar in the distance.

Go and enter the rainforest.

If there's a rat

It will flee.

Go and enter the rainforest.

Even if there's only

a butterfly flapping,

even if there's only

a monky munching a banana

even if

no-one else

is there,

go and enter the rainforest


It's too late

Created By
Created with images by tauntingpanda - "rainforest" • DBowen - "Emerald Tree Boa" • Steve Wilson - over 4 million views Thanks !! - "Jaguar" • Tim√ - "Rainforest & Moss" • Ivan Mlinaric - "Capuchin Monkey"

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