Global Goals Week will run from September 18 to September 26 this year, with an expanded calendar through September and into early October. Under the theme of 'A Turning Point to Recover Better for People and Planet,' it will bridge the gap between leaders and their citizens across multiple sectors on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For a full schedule and more information on Global Goals Week, visit globalgoalsweek.org.

Rising Momentum

Momentum is rising for the largest Global Goals Week yet. More than 100 partners across civil society, business, academia and beyond, are uniting to make this a turning point to recover better for people and planet.

Global Conversation

With Global Goals Week going virtual this year, the conversation around building partnerships, declaring action and making commitments to achieve the #GlobalGoals will be larger than ever before.

Sustainable Development to Recover Better

Global Goals Week will cultivate ideas, identify solutions, and generate meaningful partnerships to accelerate SDG progress and help the world recover better from COVID-19 by creating more inclusive and equitable societies everywhere.

Decade of Action

As we mark the fifth Anniversary of the SDGs, COVID-19 threatens to reverse decades of progress – now more than ever before, Global Goals Week represents a key opportunity to move forward in this decade of collective action to help deliver the SDGs by 2030.

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  • #GlobalGoals Week kicks off in September with an unprecedented lineup of fully virtual events. 100+ partners will come together to help #TurnItAround for the #GlobalGoals. Join in: globalgoalsweek.org
  • This year’s #GlobalGoals Week might be virtual, but there will still be plenty of ideas to cultivate, solutions to identify, & meaningful partnerships to create. All so we can #TurnItAround for the #SDGs! Get involved: globalgoalsweek.org
  • The world is at a turning point for people and planet. Global Goals Week 2020 will put partnerships to work campaigning world leaders to #TurnItAround for the #GlobalGoals and recover better from #COVID19. Join in: globalgoalsweek.org
  • Where does the @UN meet world leaders in business, academia, civil society, and philanthropy? #GlobalGoals Week unites global partners to recover better from #COVID19 and #TurnItAround for the #SDGs. Learn more: globalgoalsweek.org
  • It’s time to #TurnItAround for the #GlobalGoals! Global Goals Week is back. Happening during the @unitednations General Assembly, this year’s event is entirely virtual. Already, 100+ partners are getting ready to cultivate ideas, identify solutions, and build meaningful partnerships to drive action on the #SDGs. Learn how to get involved at globalgoalsweek.org
  • The #DecadeofAction begins in 2020! This year’s #GlobalGoals Week is mobilizing the @unitednations and partners from across the globe to advance the #GlobalGoals, fight inequality, and recover better from #COVID19 #forpeopleforplanet. Go to globalgoalsweek.org to join the Global Goals Week 2020 coalition and help #TurnItAround for the #SDGs!
  • Recovering better from #COVID19 means leaving no one behind. Global Goals Week 2020 is holding world leaders accountable in tackling inequality, fighting climate change, and ending poverty #forpeopleforplanet. Join the coalition to #TurnItAround for #globalgoals and create a more inclusive society. Join in: globalgoalsweek.org
  • We’re a decade away from 2030. Now is the time to #TurnItAround for the SDGs. Get involved and be part of Global Goals Week -- a moment to mobilize action in the worldwide fight to recover better. globalgoalsweek.org
  • Do you want to see a world free from poverty, hunger, injustice, and climate change? Join the Global Goals Week coalition and help us make it happen. This year, we will come together to mobilize action and accountability for the Global Goals -- the world’s only comprehensive roadmap for recovering better from COVID-19 and leaving no one behind. Now is the moment to turn it around for people and the planet. Learn more 👉 globalgoalsweek.org
  • For 75 years, the @unitednations has brought together the nations of the world to solve global problems. 2020 is no different. COVID-19 has demonstrated the power of international cooperation. When world leaders gather virtually this September, the Global Goals Week coalition will be there holding them accountable to turn it around for people and the planet. Get involved: globalgoalsweek.org
  • Global challenges require global cooperation. This has never been so clear as today, with #COVID19 testing the limits of human solidarity and ingenuity. In this new normal, the Global Goals Week community will come together alongside the United Nations General Assembly in 2020 to innovate solutions, bring partners together, and hold world leaders accountable to turn it around for the #GlobalGoals. Join us today → globalgoalsweek.org
  • For 75 years, the United Nations has brought the nations of the world together to solve global challenges. 2020 is no different and the urgency for international cooperation is mounting. This year, Global Goals Week is bringing together our largest coalition of international partners virtually to turn it around for the #GlobalGoals and hold world leaders accountable to leaving no one behind. See the full calendar of Global Goals Week events and get involved → globalgoalsweek.org
  • “Political leaders must raise their ambition, businesses must raise their sights, and people everywhere must raise their voices.” - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Global Goals Week is answering this call. In 2020, we have an opportunity to turn it around for the #GlobalGoals and recover better from COVID-19 with a more just, inclusive world. Alongside the United Nations General Assembly in September, Global Goals Week will bring together global voices from every sector to innovate solutions for the #SDGs. Here’s how to get involved: globalgoalsweek.org

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