Viewstream Human Marketing Framework See how we use micro segmentation, contextualization and personalized experiences to deliver better results.

Here’s how it works.

“You understand me.”

1. Micro Segmentation

Throw away the five personas you have in your current segmentation deck. We need tons of personas to market to. That is the whole of point of digital, right? And we need to understand humans qualitatively, not just as data points. Make it personal for humans.

“You get me.”

2. Custom Message

What are the need states of your audience? Where are they now, but where do they need to go? We need custom messages, narratives and ideas to personalize our messages.

“You know what I like.”

3. Personalized Experience

Make the experience relevant to them. Present your audiences with a tailor-made environment displaying dynamic content based on our segmentation and contextual data.

“You found me.”

4. Precise Target

How many data points do we have about our audience. Once we segment the audience, how do we overlay data for better context? Contextualization allows us to create precise categories of targets to help us reach the right audience.

“You heard me.”

5. Performance Measure

Put it all together: many segments, custom messages, human “wow” experiences, and precise targets. How does it perform? How do we tweak the journey to get better results? Now we can leverage our quantitate approach to optimize, iterate and excel.

We’re fanatical about delivering the human touch for marketing.

If you are interested in seeing how to market to beings and not bots – contact us! We would love to discuss what Viewstream can do for you.

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