Gold diggers People from overseas didnt benEfit overall because there was nOT much gold left. They wasted their time and Spent money to comE to california to gain just about nothing. But people who had lived in noRth ameriCa, ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA Had more access to gold and it was more plentiful at the time Being causing many people to become wealthy ANd rich in gold.

These are miners from the California gold rush from the late 1840's to the mid 1850's

Many people from around the world moved to California to find gold during the gold rush. It is mar up of many different groups of people mostly male adults.

To the right is James Wilson Marshall he is a carpenter from New Jersey and he started the California gold rush by finding flakes of gold in the American river and sutters mill. To the left is This is John Sutter he is a German-born Swiss citizen, and the founder of Nuevo Helvetia (new Switzerland) today known as Sacramento. He is also the owner of sutters mill where gold was one of the first places found.

A third person not pictured is Samuel Brannan he paraded and set off a frenzy while displaying a vial of gold from sutter creek causing people to want to join in the gold rush.

My group moved west because everyone (mostly men) wanted to be wealthy, so they ended up going to California to mine for gold

They relocated to Coloma, Sacramento and at the base of the American River.
This is a map of the trails to California and Oregon.

Many male People in search of wealth from around California dropped everything of the life and sold there belongings for money to buy wagons to getting to California, they had faced many weather hardships, food shortages, problems with other tribes, dehydration, and many diseases.

People didn't find gold

The people from overseas in search of gold had heard about the gold rush very late, they went to California in search of gold, they had traveled for weeks and months to califronia just to find that all the gold was gone and not very many people from overseas actually found any gold. Most of people took a trip for nothing And wasted there time.

People from North America primarily around California dropped everything and sold their belongings to pay for wagons to get to the area of gold rush, they faced many problems of food shortages, other tribes, dehydration, weather, and diseases.
People from around California usually found the most profit because the gold was easy to access and closest to them having them spend less money to get to the gold area and make more money from how much gold is available.
Many people from overseas didn't make any profit and in fact lose money because of them trying to fund their trip to claifornia just to arrive and have little to no gold left and they spent months on there trips to find nothing. There trip was somewhat pointless.
Many people risked there lives and face many hardships for this little piece of metal that can possible make them wealthy. They all took the risk of taking the trip to fund gold. Many people were successful and many were not. The overall outcome was that people from North America had a generally higher profit than people from other areas of the world. This era of the gold rush changed the course of history and made a huge impact to the United States.
The end.


Westward expansion by the Idaho state university

The American textbook pg 297-299


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