PHOTOS: Fall Rally 2019 By Lauren Caldwell, Nico Ramirez, and Nicole Stetsyuk

cover photo by Lauren Caldwell

The annual Fall Rally commenced on a sunny October 4th to mark the end of Spirit Week. Lowell students of all grades gathered in the stands and on the field to show off their talent and school spirit.

Senior Hannah Dedji sings the national anthem. Photo by Nico Ramirez.
Drum Corps returns from their performance. Photo by Lauren Caldwell.
Freshman Dance Committee kneels during their set. Photo by Nicole Stetsyuk
Sophomore Dance Committee runs onto the field. Photo by Lauren Caldwell
Junior Dance Committee strikes a pose. Photo by Nico Ramirez
Left: Senior Christina Leung leads Dance Committee with a powerful pose. Right: Senior Jason Chang drags fellow Spiderman Megan Ma backwards. Photos by Nico Ramirez
Lowell Cheer jumps high at the beginning of their set. Photo by Nico Ramirez
Lowell Song jumps on the beat and forms a kick line to conclude their set. Photos by Lauren Caldwell
Seniors persevere in tug of war. Photo by Nico Ramirez.
Left: Lowell Dance Company strikes a pose. Photo by Nico Ramirez. Middle: Senior Verena Lee gets low in her routine. Right: Lowell Dance Company unites for a pose. Photos by Nicole Stetsyuk