Causes of Exploration KADIN WHEELER

Title: Causes of exploration, Kadin Wheeler, Ms. Lyon, 4a world history, 4/6/2017

C1: One of the biggest if not the biggest reason for exploration would be searching for resources. Because Kings and queens want more power more money so they just always want more everything so they get these explorers to go out and get just that.

C2: Another reason Europeans explored and traveled to me is probably to spread religion and always trying to get more followers, not just saving other people to take them to the heaven or nirvana that that specific religion wanted but it also gave their pope or leader more power with every follower they get.

E1: the effect about the resources is pretty big like when they went to cuba for sugar and of course they didnt want to do it all so they went to go get slaves from africa. And that really exploded as another slave trade and is actually the reason why Cuba has an African Culture and people there. Any ways another effect it had was pirates like in the movies and they basically went around hijacking to taking the recorses that the explorers would find and take it back to the people who hired them which was some times kingdoms who again just wanted more money and resorces. it also led to alot of native people in the area who lived there before were killed, forced out, or had to follow rules. "European countries brought many lands under their control. The world was opened up and new crops were introduced from one land to another." ( So thats another reason.

E2: So religion is by far one of the main reasons of exploration. Its one of the three G's (God, Glory, and Gold) and I already did resources and am kinda iffy on the whole glory part hah. Anyways so religion was spread a lot during exploration by going to new lands and getting more followers for the religion. And the more followers the religion has the more power the Pope or Prophet have. And thats where the affect comes in so these religion leaders are getting all this new power and are slowly becoming more corrupt and start to chase worlyhings like money. And so these leaders start to hide stuff from the people and all this bad stuff happening and then this dude comes out of no where and nails a list of 95 things wrong with the church and then it just starts a revolution and yeah basically all the poor people start rising against their nobles and it all just goes to crap. THE END

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