An Animals LIFE From your freind haley

This is a sourse of energy it is the energy sourse for all producers

Here is an example of a producer, grass, this type of plant depends on the sun.

Then there is deer, a example of a herbivore. The deer depends on grass to get its energy.

As you can see this is a Lion which is a carnivore it depends on the deer to give it energy.

You just saw an example of a Food Chain. The sun gives energy to the grass. Grass gives energy to the deer. And the deer gives its energy to the Lion. Every part of the food chain depends on each other. These Animals/Plants Are connected by the food chain and the group there in but they all are Animals/Plants. When I was saying what group there in I was talking about like consumers, producers, ect. They all can be connected in diffrent ways.

Lets say that this water was no more. The bird would eventually starve to death. Which means that the Warrior Cat's will eventually run out of food and ;p they die :(

This is what happens if the water or plants die out. Most of the consumers will die out which means that the carnivores will die too. And if all of the animals and plants are gone then we may die . So the Earth will be blank. This is also why we should not kill any animals becuase they will become extinct. And that leads to the dieing of everything that is above that type of species in the food chain.

Seince book pages 153, 162 and page 163


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