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" Most people have been ripped off and lied to so many times their mind won't even let them believe in the possibilities anymore. Also for others, somewhere, on the road of, "growing up" most people lose the ability to imagine. Imagine that their dreams really can become a reality." - Mike Gladson

Making Free Money is not only possible but, you can make a nice income based on something you love to do. I want to keep this super simple so, not to confuse anyone but, let me show you how it is possible.

One way that anybody can make money, is by selling something. Now, what I'm about to show you can be used to sell anything, whether it is a digital information product or swimming pools in your home town. This method can be used to sell almost any type of product or service in the world.


That's Right...FREE AS A BIRD!!

The way you sell anything for zero cost, is to use educational information products. You educate your consumers about your products and services. Why they need them, why they should choose you, what difference they have made in your life and your existing clients lives etc. Educational information products can be created for zero production costs, in most cases or, very small amounts of money.

That is why educational information products make for a great business model also...100% Profit Margins!!! Plus, they are do the work once (Creating Them) and sell over and over again! That makes it a Passive income model! Based off of an asset based income model, instead of you trading your time for dollars.

"Yeah, I See That But, I Don't Sell Digital Information Products, I sell physical products in a local market". I get that... listen, Educating your consumer is one of the best selling techniques to ever exist. No matter what you are selling. Not only that, in my opinion it is the only kind of selling that works in today's online world! People are tired of getting bombarded with the traditional, "Buy me, Buy me messages. Today's consumers have choices, I Don't care what product or service you are selling, they can buy the same thing down the road or for sure, and probably cheaper online.

Loud, Obnoxious, Pushy Sales Tactics Do Not Work Anymore!

When you sell via educational methods even your sales materials are valuable. You give value to your prospect before you ever ask them for any monies. That is how you create a customer before they ever buy anything!

The way you educate your consumers for zero cost is to use information products!

The real power of selling via education though, is the way it positions your brand. Not just one product but your entire brand. When you educate or help someone, you are now seen as, someone who truly wants to help them solve a problem they are having. Not just a saleswo/man who is just interested in, getting the check! It is just like real life...We unconsciously, "block out" any kind of sales message but, when someone is trying to help us solve a problem we are having...We are all ears!!

Oh, I forgot to mention when you use educational information pieces to sell...ALL of your sales assets, can also be created for zero cost!

WOW! A Super Efficient Way To Sell Anything For Zero Cost!

If nothing else you can use educational information to build a bond with your existing clients, this way you can increase repeat transactions. But trust me, the real trick is to use these techniques to build your own in house lead generation system. That will bring in a constant stream of new people, then convert them into paying customers and finally build a long term relationship with them!

All of this can be done, on almost complete autopilot! Now we've discussed, how you can make Free Money by just using these techniques, to sell whatever product you maybe selling right now, all for zero cost, on complete autopilot.

And we talked about how, Educational information products are usually 100% profit margin. And how the sales system to sell these or any other product can be built for almost zero cost...Products with 100% profit margin and a selling system for zero cost...That is... Free Money. Can we all agree on that?

Free Money, set up in a Passive income, asset based manner. What could be better?

Passive Income ...What Could Be Better?

What If you could have this money coming in on a monthly basis? Like a subscription type model. Then you would also have a recurring income. Not All businesses can apply the subscription type model but with a little creativity and, "Out of the box" thinking most can come up with a monthly service package of some type. Monthly payments will give you a stable income, that you can count on every month. Give or take a few subscribers every month, but you will have a general ballpark figure, you can count on.

If you are selling Educational information products, we have several ways of doing this! That is why, I personally believe most business owners regardless of what type of products and/or services they sell should think about talking to a Educational Information business consultant to discuss the possibility of setting up a side project or three on the side to supplement their regular business!

If you can find one that has ethics and is really out to help by telling you the gold nuggets in a clear and concise manner (Hello :) )...Throw Some Money At Him or Her ! Because, these are the, "Money Creation Wizards" We Understand things about money creation most people...Can't Even Believe In! Finding one that will share the, "Gold Nuggets" or, "Secrets" in an ethical manner, for a fair price, who really knows what they are talking about...Is Very, very rare. It just takes years to learn this industry and all the, "hidden, carefully guarded" knowledge and skills that go along with it.

So, we discussed how Free Money really is possible. then I showed you how to turn The Free Money Model Into A Passive, Recurring Revenue Stream...That Can All Be Set Up On Autopilot FOR ZERO COST!! Based on doing something that makes your soul sing! That is how to make money! If You Want Time Freedom Which can only be had after Financial Freedom!!

Education Is The Best Weapon For Changing Your World. - Mike Gladson

testimonialstestimonials'testimonialsThe Topics We Have Discussed Today, Are A Very Small Part Of A Special Training I Have Put Together For A Very Reasonable Attendance Fee. In My Honest Opinion...It Is Seriously, A Steal! This is a brand new program and I am trying to get some solid feedback to improve on it. I am only letting a limited number of, "Charter Members" in to test it, at this massively discounted rate of 75% Off! When I get the number of testimonials that I want, (which is less than 100) then, this offer will be coming down at this reduced price, and this is not some kind of marketing ad copy scarcity trick...I NEVER lie to my consumers....You Know What To Do...See You In A Minute...Mike


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