Journey Log 3 Tyler Kendrick

During Week 3 of class, I remember being very interested in the topics that we talked about. We went from villains to monsters to technology to funny videos, and so on. This started out by the readings that we had to do was "Why we Crave Horror Movies". This reading was the most interesting reading of the class so far. "Why we Crave Horror Movies" is about how all humans are a little crazy, but some are better at hiding it. It also talked about how we enjoy scary movies because we find humor in peoples fear. It also related scary movies to fairytales. When we watch fairytales, it makes us feel like we are kids again and how everything is "black and white". We connects to horror movies by letting our "crazy" out. This was interesting to me because I thought that it was cool that he made the connection to horror and fairytales. I also liked how he said that we were all crazy. This is fun for me because it is so off-the-wall and challenges the normal beliefs.

Also this week we watched a video of Bo Burnham. This is funny because it brought me back to my childhood when I would watch his videos with my friends in middle school. As soon as I saw the name "Bo Burnham", I laughed because it made me remember all the times that I've laughed from hearing his skits. Also I really enjoyed the videos that we've watched because not only were they funny and insulting, but they were also very accurate. The one about country music was funny because I do not really hate country music, but I do not really like it either. I liked how he made sure that we got his message in a fun and catchy way.

This weeks classes and reading led me to believe and know the openness of how some people are in the world. It taught me that not only are some people open but they are also open but afraid of new ideas that they encounter. For example, the Greeks were open to new ideas but they were afraid of things that they imagined. They were afraid of the sea because they did not know what was in it. They made up monsters such as the the centaur, minotaur, sirens, and sphinx. The most interesting creatures of these were the sirens and the sphinx. The sirens were top half of a woman and the bottom half of a seabird/fish. A quote from the texts saying, "The Odyssey says the sirens singing would lure sailors to shipwreck and drowning." Then it continued to explain about them and this made the connection that the Greeks were afraid of traveling in the sea because they were afraid of what would happen. They made up these monsters so that people would stay away from ships and adventuring the ocean.

This also led me to become more curious. It led me to want to learn more about different monsters and villains. It led me to wanting to know more about what certain groups of people believed and feared. During the Raid 2, we were to choose one villain or monster and write about them. I decided to do Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort was a solid choice for me because I loved all of the Harry Potter books and movies and I consider it the best of all times. This shows that I had persistence since I started reading the first Harry Potter book when I was in the Third Grade. After reading every book and watching every movie, I could safely do Lord Voldemort while still making it challenge. Instead of focusing on all the evil he has done, I was able to focus on him as the villain aspect. Lord Voldemort was a genius as a villain. He was smarter than most people and he knew your move before you did.

At the end of the week, I would say that this has been the best so far. I genuinely am excited to come to this class, unlike others, and I am interested in learning more.

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