LZF - mini chou All you need to know.

Real Wood Veneer Lighting

Mini Chou Table


Inspired by the traditional Japanese lantern called Chou-Chin, this portable rechargeable table light will go with you wherever you need that extra bit of illumination and it even dims to set the mood you wish to create.

Rechargeable Battery: 7 Hours Autonomy at 100% Power

Available in: 4000K, CRI 80, 4w, 50000h

Button: On/off and pulse dimming

In Charge: USB Type C

Mini Chou In Natural Beech

Goes where you go.

Mini chou in ivory white tulip wood.

Available in 6 colours

All tints used are from natural vegetable dyes.

All Lzf wood veneers are FSC certified.


About Yonoh Creative Studio...

Yonoh is an award-winning Valencia-based multidisciplinary design studio, established in 2006 by industrial designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma.

The studio is one characterised by its simple yet functional designs. At Yonoh, simplicity, innovation and originality, without extravagance, form the backbone to the studio’s design philosophy. Both Clara and Alex believe in the meticulous study of every single small design detail across each of their projects. Versatility, timelessness and adaptability are the cornerstones of all works undertaken at Yonoh.

The studio’s Chou light for LZF was awarded the IF Design Award and their Pleg light was awarded the Red Dot Award 2012 and the Chicago Good Design Award 2011.

LZF was born in Valencia, Spain in 1994...

among friends, on the shores of the Mediterranean, that inexhaustible source of light, calm and joy. We found that wood cut into thin sheets attached to a light source was exquisite company.

We build lamps like someone who sows dresses, polishes jewelry or models sculptures. We create harmonic, elegant, unique shapes. We select each sheet according to its grain, according to its transparency, we choose its color and we look after it as if it were a luxury fabric, taking care that its properties are adequate to create each volume. We believe in the power of light - that it can change a person’s mood, alter an environment, create peace and harmony — and have worked to introduce lighting collections that have an illuminating, artistic impact.


Santiago Relanzon, Angel Segura, Pablo Fuentes