Sustainable Energy Production In Saskatchewan Seth Nernberg

The most commonly used source of energy is Fossil Fuels. These fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources and are not healthy resources. Saskatchewan's most commonly used resource is Fossil Fuels. Coal is used more than gas but the gas is still highly used to. 46% of Saskatchewan uses Coal and 25% of Saskatchewan uses Gas, so 71% of Saskatchewan is using Fossil Fuels which is not healthy.

-Benefits to Solar Energy are they are completely silent and also take up almost no space. I was looking into Wind powered energy but realized it isn't the best option sure it is renewable, but so is Solar. Wind Energy you must find a place where no one is around due to the noise and the space this huge structures take up. You can get Solar panels installed right onto the roof of your house. About 5.2% of Canada is using this Solar system as of now and is increasing. These Solar energy panels don't need a whole lot of monitoring and take very cheap maintenance.

The only reason people choose not use this source of energy is because you must have sun around for it to work. I couldn't find an exact price but I didn't find that they can get up to $15,000 but usually less. The prices of Solar Systems are decreasing the more popular they get. I think everyone should use Solar Energy because it's durable, reliable and doesn't need much maintence. I think Solar Energy will get more and more popular over the years due to how healthy it is and can help the earth.


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