Commercial Pilot _____________________________________________________________________

A Commercial Pilot is a person who operates the controls of an airplane for a commercial airline. Commercial pilots can carry different types of shipment. Whether the pilot is carrying people for Delta, packages for FedEx, or mail for the US Postal System- Commercial pilots can carry just about anything. Commercial Pilots can help people get where they need to be safely.

In the past years, The number of fatal accidents in Planes has decreased. This is due to the increase in safety technology in planes.

New Technology in airplanes allow for a detachable cabin. In the case of an emergency during flight, the cabin will detach from the rest of the plane. It will then parachute down to safety. If the cabin falls in water, flotation devices will keep the cabin afloat. This technology can decrease the fatality rate in plane crashes.

Personal reflection: I think this technology is imperative. Pilots help thousands of people travel the world every day. But with that many people flying, they must be able to keep the passengers safe. Pilots do a good job now but can do an even better job in the future.


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