How does energy move through the alaskan ecosystem Macyn Jolly

The food chain in Alaska starts with the sun then goes to the producers or wild flowers and changes into chemical energy which makes photosynthesis. The 1st level consumers is coming along and eats the producer. After eating the producer the 1st level consumer walks away and the 2nd level consumer will see the deer and sneak up on it , jump on it and kill the deer. The wolverine or the 2nd level consumer will go to it's den and eat it. After eating the deer the wolverine may want more food and the 3rd level consumer or the grizzly bear will see the wolverine and exactly the same thing as the wolverine did on the deer. Sneak up on it and kill the wolverine for her cubs or for her self. After the grizzly bear gets old and dies the decomposer or the mushroom will break down the remainings of the grizzly bear. Then the ecosystem will go on.
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