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We take a business owner’s approach when selecting a company’s stock - it is not a piece of paper to trade, but is a piece of a business you now own. What does this mean for you?

What to expect...

Value Investing Framework

We follow a framework that originates from the teachings of Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, and Warren Buffett.

Risk Management

To quote Warren Buffett “The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule.” Our framework is built on adding a buffer to a company’s value versus the price we pay to help mitigate investment risk.

Bottom-Up Research

Employing bottom-up research helps us focus on individual company dynamics. We search for companies with strong business models, management teams, and balance sheets that typically suggest a higher level of predictability in their future cash flows.

Customized Managed Account

We assess your risk tolerance and goals, managing your account specifically for you, providing you peace of mind.

Outside Asset Analysis

If you have assets such as a 401(k), stock option plan, or investments with another advisor, we will assess those positions and help you better understand how best to allocate them.

Ongoing Communication and Education

Our advisors will provide you with ongoing communication so you know where your accounts stand and the reasons why we are invested in certain securities.


  • As a fee-based* Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our interests are aligned with yours. We do not sell investment products and are independent from any mutual funds allowing us to be completely objective when selecting securities for investment.
  • Our long-term investment horizon encourages us to thoroughly vet all possible ideas as we invest for your future.
  • Our firm’s structure allows for a dedicated individual whose main responsibility is research and portfolio management.


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*For LBW's Wealth Management Services we charge a percentage of assets under management. Daniel J. Weiss has the ability to sell insurance based upon clients’ financial needs and/or goals. LBW does not receive compensation for any referrals we make to other professionals.

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