Kill shelters, what do they do? They merely kill a dog due to a lack of space, resources, and most importantly, care.

Kill Shelters do nothing to prevent the ever growing population of homeless pets, thus leading to more abandoned animals and more high kill shelters. And they wonder why they can't fix the problem?

So what exactly will end animal homelessness while saving the lives of the animals that have lost there homes? No-Kill Shelters!

How might they do it you ask? Through Vets! Veterinarians can give these injured or sick animals a new life by actually searching for and helping the problem unlike kill-shelters who kill any imperfect animal.

No kill-shelters provide free spay and neutering services to their customers in order to ensure that there is not an abundance of pets. No-Kill shelters will even go to the animals outside of their shelter to spay/ neuter them in order to ensure the homeless population stops growing.

No-kill shelters use pet adoption events! They use these events to make the animals known, unlike Kill-shelters who merely throw a dog in a cage and expect people to just come and get it.

Lastly, no-kill shelters actually love and have a passion for their animals. They take whatever extreme measures to save the animal's life in their care.

Would you kill a homeless child?

Than why kill me?


Created with images by Ian Sane - ""Waiting For Parole"" • Beverly & Pack - "Graphic Dead family pet dogs & puppies killed by the city of Denver, CO because of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) discrimination" • philos from Athens - "Sad dog" • Russellbande - "dog golden retriever" • Towne Post Network - "DSC_1775b" • soniasu_ - "Hildreth Adoption Center Transport Day" • USAG-Humphreys - "Pet Fest - U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea - 5 May 2012" • Rob Briscoe - "A Girl and Her Dog" • isakarakus - "dog puppies puppy"

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