2019 Fall Newsletter

Fall Session

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Beautiful Beginnings - September 16 - November 4

St Peter's School - September 16 - November 18

International Montessori School Paoli - Sept 23 - Nov 18


Sonrise Christian Day School - September 17 - November 12

Schwartz Preschool - Class Offered to Orcas and Narwhals - September 10 - November 12

Green Woods Charter School - Class Offered to K and 1st Grades - September 17 - November 19

Amigos - Every Tuesday after school starting at 3:30pm. Offered to children ages 1 and up


Schwartz Preschool - Class Offered to Starfish, Jellyfish, and Turtles - September 18 - November 13

International Montessori School Paoli - Sept 25 - Nov 20

Cambridge School in Ardmore - September 11 - November 20


Children's Ark - September 12 - October 31

Green Woods Charter School - Class Offered to 2nd and 3rd Grades - September 19 - November 21

International Montessori School Malvern - Offered to Primary Students Only - October 3 - December 5


Villa Maria Lower School - Class Offered to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades - October 4 - November 22

New Payment System - Sawyer

NKG has transitioned to a new payment system - Sawyer - and we're trying to catch up to the 21st century. It is super user friendly and easy! You can create a log in and save all of your information, so you will not have to fill out the same tedious questionnaires each time you register for a new session. It does require you to pay via credit card (no extra service charges!). Once you register, you can Sync the gymnastics calendar to your Apple or Google calendar on your phone, so you know exactly when gymnastics class is!

NKG & Amigos

NKG is teaming up with Amigos Preschool to offer full service birthday packages!

3 Package Options:

PACKAGE 1: $300 space rental only

PACKAGE 2: $550 Gymnastic party with Ms Katie, National Kids Gym

PACKAGE 3: Premium Package (effortless party): Gymnastics party with Ms Katie. We will decorate, handle the food, run the party, and clean up! Ask about our premium package rates and options.

Contact Cloe at Amigos if you're interested in a Birthday Party - By Email: Cloe@amigospreschool.com or Phone: 215-756-2234

Family Wellness Tip:

Back to school is a hectic time for all families! You need to make sure your child gets the proper nutrition to stay alert and active throughout the day. It can be overwhelming trying to pack snacks and lunches that are healthy and our kids will actually eat. Use this guide for EASY and healthy snack ideas for kids (and adults too!). Put down the bag of chips and the processed food and try one of these healthy, nutritious snacks.


Looking for a way to pack snacks without hurting the environment? Try these beeswax reusable wraps for your food and snacks. BONUS: I found them at a local farmers market and they're made right here in Philadelphia area.

Shop Local - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeOurGuestWraps?ref=search_shop_redirect


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