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The past few weeks in Science, we have been working on the Scientific Method. We were given an assignment to conduct experiments relating to botany. We identified the independent and dependent variables as well as formulated the steps of the Scientific Method. The six steps of the Scientific Method are: making an observation, formulating a question, creating a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing your data, and finally, coming to a conclusion. The majority of us are doing experiments related to planting and growing seeds. One student is growing white carnations in food colored water. She put two or three flowers in four different containers of water, each a different color. The colors she chose were red, blue, yellow, and green. Her experiment is to see if the xylem, a part of the stem, carries the water up to the flower petals and changes their color.

Science Experiment

Every quarter, a group of three kids go to the Wood Workshop (or Woodshop). Our teacher, Mr. Kemper, is a retired carpenter and has volunteered to teach the Middle Schoolers to learn the art of woodworking. Every year, the children new to Middle School build a toolbox, although we don’t put any tools in it. After the toolbox is finished, we can work on a project of our own or for the community.

Right now, the current group of students are finishing up their projects. Tess is making a dog bowl stand. Oliver is making a bookshelf, and Anjan is making a tray. The next group will start after Winter Break.

Wood Workshop

We have ordered the food from our new and improved system, which is PeaPod. This Friday for community lunch we are having marinara noodles with meatballs, salad, and crescent rolls. Next Monday we are having pancakes with fruit, bacon, and toppings. Our favorite community lunch is waffles just because of the toppings we can put on the waffles. Some of the topping are syrup, whipped cream, and even some of the fruit. Please make sure to sign with the office to come eat some scrumptious food at the Middle School.

Community Lunch

In Humanities we are reading the book Johnny Tremain. This book is jammed with adventure, drama, surprises, and so much more! The book is set in 1773. It talks about the Boston Tea Party and shows us the perspective of someone’s life in that time period. We also do something called active reading.”What is active reading?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you! Active reading is where we take little sticky notes and put one on any literary devices we see in the book. We put an abbreviation or a letter on the sticky note to symbolise something like a simile or a hyperbole. We also write down any questions we have, and we highlight new characters. Our books in Humanities are based on what we are studying. Since we are studying the Revolutionary War this book fits perfectly.

This week the Middle Schoolers have started our preparations for the Winter Concert; we will be performing three songs in three part harmony: “Lo Yisa Goy,” “Christmas Time Is Here,” and “Coventry Carol”. We have been practicing with Mr. Francavilla during our music class. The Winter Concert is on December 14 and is a compilation of Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School singing winter and holiday themed songs. Sign up is online. We hope to see you there!

Grandparents’ Day was a huge success. They were served an amazing breakfast of yogurt parfaits and delectable rolls. Then the Middle Schoolers sang a couple of songs for them, “Lean On Me” and “You’ve Got A Friend In, Me”. After breakfast and the songs, they came over to the Middle School for a tour. At Middle School they enjoyed muffins, hot chocolate and a cruise around. It was great seeing all the grandparents, and we hope to see them next year.

Important Dates

December 14 - Winter Concert 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

December 15 - Holiday Tea (For Students Only).

December 16 - Holiday Bazaar (For Students Only) 8:30am - 12:00pm.

December 23 - Winter Break.

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