Life Saving Shoes BY: Jaisen, Amber, Racheal, Angelina, Mayalie


Its a button that come in a pack of two for one of each pair of shoes. When you push the button they change your shoes.

Mission Statement:

  • Our mission is to make only the very best and desired product. We plan on helping people around the world fix any shoemergency.

At the click of a button, fix any shoemergency!

  • Size: 2 inch,1 and half inch,1 inch
  • Colors: Black Blue Red White Green Purple


We help every one by turning their shoe problems or emergencies with just a tap of a button.

Target Audience

Teens and Adults

Contact Info

832-420-SHOE /


Created with images by ume-y - "button" • Pexels - "beach boots depth of field"

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