Power couples By:Blanca Sanchez Martinez

Abusive relationships can happen to anyone.
I chose this picture because you can hurt someone with just your words. Being in an abusive relationship doesn't just mean they are hurting you physically.
Rhiana and Chris Brown were once a strong couple who was adored by the public, but behind closed doors no one knew about how abusive their relationship really was.
People often times kill themselves over a break up, there are people you can talk to.
Love is for all
She fought for what she believed in, even though she knew what the consequences of her actions might be. To me that shows a lot of strength which is translated into power.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Growing up I looked up to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera because they weren't afraid of what society thought of them. Frida proved beauty isn't just someone's physical appearance, the influence she had on many is powerful.
The have used their power to influence a better lifestyle on to people. Michelle used her fame to help reduce obesity in America, and to restore healthy lifestyles.
Imagrants day march
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith both boycotted the ocsars due to the lack of diversity
They are powerful because people use their imagery to change themselves and aspire to look like them. This influence is powerful but is t for the best.
She's very influencial and help fight for Black rights and equality for all.


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