I used a small digital camera and I didn't filter it. I like photography because it makes me happy and makes my family happy too.

1st semester final project 12/5

In this photo I increased the contrast and highlights.The composition type for the top one is depth and the bottom one is rule of thirds.
composition type: depth.
composition type: depth.
I used a small digital camera to take these pictures. I didn't edit them. Me and my family love to play games. These pictures show before the game started, in the middle of the game, and after the game when someone wins. composition type: depth.
I took this picture during Thanksgiving break. Me and my dad and brother went on a hike in the mountains. Even though it was so cold, we had a great time.

Here are a few more pictures from the hiking trip.Where we took the hike there was a small ranch-house which you can see on the right.

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