Great Gainesville Car Show Matt Evans

It's a beautiful Saturday morning on April 8th, 2017 and you decide to go downtown and you notice a bunch of unique cars parked. That's right, for the first time in Gainesville, the Great Car Show is in town.

The best cars Gainesville has to offer were all in one place as part of a great show. Now although the car show was designed for many people to register and showcase their cars in Downtown Gainesville, there was a much deeper meaning behind the purpose of the car show. The purpose of the car show was to raise money for a nonprofit organization in Gainesville called Noah's Endeavor. Noah's Endeavor is an organization that fosters social interaction between children of all abilities because there are kids in the organization who have disabilities. Noah's Endeavor welcomes all children and has activities designed so that both children with and without disabilities can participate. As a result, the children are able to make new friends while participating in sports.

The Great Gainesville Car Show was created and organized by Michael Cizek, a friend of mine. What makes the car show special is that it was created by Michael in a group project he had to complete for one of his classes. Michael is a junior at the University of Florida as a business major and created the event to fulfill his sales management marketing class.

The car show was a big success for the event and Noah's Endeavors. There were approximately 200 cars and at the price of registration for each car, that raises approximately $4,000 to donate to the nonprofit organization. The event is free to attend so many people spent the day walking around taking pictures of cars. Even members of a car club, the Gainesville Street Rods, attended the car show to show their support since they also try to raise money for children. Now since the Great Gainesville Car Show is the first of its kind in Gainesville, it should become an annual event where they try to raise money for a different, local nonprofit organization. Car enthusiasts should see the car show as an opportunity to showcase their cars for people to observe while at the same time contribute to a notable cause. The car show is a great way to bring the community together to raise awareness for worthy causes in Gainesville because there's a lot of nonprofits that need help and support.

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