The Mosaic is a sacred context for students to engage in religious, nonreligious, and interreligious practices marked by inclusion and respect, quiet and solitude, and compassion and love. It is a visible residential space for people of multiple traditions to engage, individually and as groups, in religious practice, prayer, and/or meditation.

Our Story

In the fall of 2015, a small group of students and Residence Life staff started imagining what it would look like to transform an old computer lab into Duke's first residential inter- and multi-religious space for prayer, practice, and meditation. Meeting monthly, this working group spoke with stakeholders (including chaplains, local clergy, and religious groups); brainstormed how the room might be used by students, what it should look like, and what to call it; and developed a plan to make it happen.

The Mosaic opened in February 2016 and received positive press not only at Duke, but across the Triangle and country. Most of the press focused on the final product (the room), but the process of how it came to be represents the possibility of The Mosaic. It's a place and context for students of multiple religious and nonreligious identities to retain their distinctive beliefs and practices, build and deepen their relationships with others, and navigate a common life.

Celebrating The Mosaic's Opening | February 2016


Where is The Mosaic located? Duke University, Keohane Quad (West Campus) 4B401.

Who can use The Mosaic? The Mosaic is available to students on a drop-in basis and for groups with a reservation. Reservations can be made by emailing mosaic@duke.edu.

Why is the space called The Mosaic? The name comes from a shared belief that individuals and traditions should retain their distinctive features, beliefs, and practices, but that when people come together with those of other traditions (for joint social action, to navigate shared space and resources, etc.), a new and particular kind of beauty and harmony is created.

Why is The Mosaic in a Residence Hall? For many students, their religious or nonreligious identities are central to their self-understandings. By providing a context where they can practice their respective traditions, The Mosaic is recognizing and affirming the religious diversity represented at Duke.

What is in store for The Mosaic next? We're currently working to develop a weekly programming schedule. If you or your approved Religious Life group is interested in participating, email mosaic@duke.edu.


For more information or to get involved, email us at mosaic@duke.edu.

Thank you!


Photos by Jessie Stellini

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