French Revolution

Revolution Begins

The anger toward the French monarchy could not be greater. Inequality between the government and society has gotten to be the worst in many years. The three estates are feeling that they are not being treated fairly, and it is only fueling the anger throughout the society. Meanwhile enlightenment ideas are beginning to arise inspiring the start of a revolt. A financial crisis is finding its way across the country as France is becoming deeper in debt. The country is broke and the people were hungry and angry. A revolt was on the rise in France.

Impacts on France

The French Revolution was having a major impact on France. This was great for the people of France because monarchs and nobles would not be secure in their positions. Along with the Revolution came the enlightenment ideas. Showing people about the ideas of human dignity, personal liberty, and the equality of all people, and those ideas could not go away. The people of France learned that they could change the world. At first glance the French Revolution may not of seemed like a success but at a further look you will see the great impact it brought to the country of France.

Napoleon and the Reign of Terror

Napoleon was a ruthless ambitious young person. He was a brilliant military leader who achieved many early successes. As his power grew he decided to seize political power while he had the chance and his ambitions continued to grow. After Napoleon had completely conquered France he set out to conquer Europe. His actions fueled the spread of nationalism through France and even parts of Europe. During his time as power the French developed a new kind of loyalty to France as a whole. Napoleon acted as a great hero as part of the French Revolution.

The reign of terror was creating a wave of fear throughout the country. Revolutionary leaders feared they would lose control so they started to take drastic measures. Leaders of the campaign wanted to eliminate any ideas of resistance to the Revolution. Many felt the need to use terror to defend the republic from its many enemies. Those accused of ever critiquing the Revolution were sent to trial and most sentenced to death. The reign of terror did not spare any particular person. In the 10 months of the Reign of terror about 17,000 people were executed. When the terror finally ended France had to start with a new government and a new start.

An End To It All

Many other countries felt very threatened by the French Revolution as well as by napoleon. Many countries worried that there people would see what was happening in France. While seeing all of the power the people were gaining and take the same actions toward their own country to make a change. While other places like Europe joined forces in fear of napoleon to try and defeat him and his troops. Leading in many failed attempts of defeating him and his large force of men. Many countries felt very scared and threatened by what was happening in France.

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