Drones Impacting the media

Drones are relatively new and innovative pieces of technology. Drones are small helicopter-like devices that can be manually controlled. Typically, there is a central unit, surrounded by four or more propellers, depending on the type of drone. They are small. lightweight, and capable of flying.

Many drones are used for video recording. Drones can impact communication technology and media in many ways. Many drones are, or can be equipped with cameras. Filming is taken to new heights as drones are easily maneuverable, small, and lightweight. Movies, for example do not have to rely as heavily on awkward camera fixtures and having cameras on tracks to be moved around and panned. Drones eliminate this problem because they can move almost anywhere and can also remain still for those impactful shots.

Drones are also used for numerous other purposes. There are companies using drones to deliver pizza to peoples houses. Also, Amazon - one of the largest shipping companies - has made package deliveries using drones. Drones are still very new and more are being developed for different purposes. For now filming is the primary use of drones. Paparazzi even used drones to gain access and secretly film celebrities weddings.

There are not really any negatives to drones, besides the fact that people can be filmed more easily as drones can be taken anywhere. But the upside is that drones can be taken anywhere. More advanced drones are being made to accomplish different tasks and the ones that are currently out extend the limits of a filmmakers creativity and vision.

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