Aquaponics System Project By: Zachary Kaddai

Where is the system located?

The system is located in the United Arab Emirates.

What kind of habitat is the system located within?

The system is located in the Middle East, but it is a indoor system.

What is the purpose of the system?

To send food products across the UAE to supermarkets.

Why was aquaponics a better choice than traditional agriculture?

Aquaponics was a better choice than traditional agriculture because in aquaponics no large machinery is used to harvest the plants, so no petroleum is being used. Since the plants are in small grow beds, they are very easy to harvest. There are no weeds to have to pull from the plants. Since the plants are always in water, there is no reason for an irrigator. And many other reasons.

What type of aquaponics system is being used?

The type of aquaponics system is not stated.

What type of fish are being used in the system? Why was this fish species chosen?

The type of fish being used in the system are tilapia. The reason they were chosen is because in captivity they grow fast and once they are big enough, the fish are sold to the market.

What type of plants are being used in the system? Why were these plants chosen?

The types of plants used are tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and bell pepper from Holland, the USA and Germany. It is not stated why these plants were chosen, but they grown and sold to the local supermarkets.

System set-up and layout.

There are two 2,400 square meter greenhouses, one for fish and one for plants. In between those greenhouses are tanks and filters with heterotrophic bacteria that turn the waste into minerals for the fish and plants. An identical aquaponics system grows in the Virginia Islands.

What are the unique aspects of the system?

This system, is recorded as the largest aquaponics system in the world. In just 3 weeks, they have 60,000 fully grown heads of lettuce. And they can grow up to 10,000 tilapia fingerlings at a time.

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