A Sea Of Green - Your Classic St. Patricks Day Pre-Game A Story Told by photos - courtesy of blurr

Boston is the place to be for St.Patricks Day in America. No questions, no challenges - the whole City's insane celebrations are second to none. Boston's strong Irish heritage is a big part of this, but the large amount of College Students also ensure there is never a lack of rowdy youths joining in the fun. College Students are known for their creativity when it comes to costumes, and pre-gaming. Here's a micro-look at a classic 'Paddy's day' pre-game in the heart of Boston's college scene. One thing college kids definitely know how to do is take photos - and that's exactly how this story is told.

The Location

Classic shitty wall lights, an under-sized make-shift Beer Pong table, an over-sized speaker that one rich kids parents bought them, and an Irish flag to feel festive. Sounds like a Boston apartment on St.Patricks day if there's ever been one.

The Costumes

The pre-game is where the costume pics are captured. This is what the costumes are supposed to look like throughout the night - a far cry from what you'll actually see come 2am in any random Boston pizza joint over the weekend.

Even The Pictures Go Green And Blurry On St.Patricks Day....

First up, The Boston Celtics Jersey

Contributing to at least 75% of the 'Sea Of Green' that dwarfs Boston every year - there's not many kudos given out for originality. But hey, at least she tried - people could have just worn a green party hat...

Wait, Costumes Are Waaay More Than Just Clothes

'Its not cool to dress up anymore'

Said no-one ever. Of course, costumes aren't just limited to clothing and there's always a few extra festive people willing to go above and beyond. Salut to them, by getting in the spirit and posing for pictures championing your expert costume skills she just adds to the vibes and good times.

The Girl Dressed For All Occasions

"I want to be in costume, but what about if I end up at the club later?" Nothing screams that more than this outfit. She's dressed for the festive pre-game, the dingy frat party, the Irish dive bar, or the classy club. Incredibly, she's even given herself a coat to combat the frostbite you'll undoubtedly get trying to hail a cab at 2am. Dressing for all scenarios is an innate skill for many girls - but this is definitely taking it to the next level.

Black On Black Till I Die

On the contrary - some people don't care whether its St.Patricks Day, July 4th or Halloween: their dress is all the same. Black on Black with the Uber already booked to the club, midnight on the dot. "Belvedere only upon entry.. please."

The Confused Second Generation American

"Am I American? Irish? neither? both?" - some people just get so into the patriotic holidays, they want to celebrate them all at the same time. While wearing a shirt that literally screams 'I'M IRISH', the level of confusion is rife as the prizing of an iconic 'Bud Light' can and Blue drop lights that would imply a July 4th celebration. We all know the type, glorifying their great great grandparents 'Irish' heritage during St.Patricks Day, but come 4th July they'll be screaming "Born In the U.S.A" at the top of their lungs.

This diverse range of costumes and people boasts the incredible originality that exists across Boston - particularly on college campuses. Despite the diversity, these people are brought together by the same shared experience. Same location, same goal - celebrate St.Patricks day the right way while capturing every moment together. That they certainly did.

Life is just a collection of these shared experiences and memories. Capturing these moments tells stories - and there's none more raw and authentic than one captured by the people themselves. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words - a story captured by the people living and breathing it is worth much, much more than that.

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