Land of the Menominee Menominee County and Reservation, Wisconsin

I had the pleasure of a quick road trip to have a visit with my son on Monday and Tuesday this week. Along the way I drive through the reservation and cannot help but feel the connectedness to the forests and land there. The Menominee were the tribe Father Van Den Broek of the Netherlands first came to Little Chute, Wisconsin to minister to. He later brought a colony of Dutch Catholics to the area, after the tribe was removed to the current reservation and he lost his ministry. My own people came here with that first wave of Dutch Catholics.

A ride through an old growth forest.
Many of the tribe served honorably in the various wars.
Brave Warriors, We honor You.

There are so many sights along the way here it will take more than one telling to show you so much of the beauty and spirit here. The people are living, and surviving, but have suffered much. The signs of the struggle are all along the ride. In Keshena you will find the Menominee college, and also a casino. Most of the ride is very small, scenic villages, dotted with houses and cabins throughout the forest.

The logging and cultural museum in the heart of the reservation.
A long house at the logging museum.
Drying canopy, rolls of bark on display.
An example of a logging cabin built by the Menominee.

The ride through this old growth forest is a spiritual journey. This forest has been managed by the tribe, and only selectively cut since the mid 1850s. Previous this was all virgin forest, with abundant wildlife and waters, which the tribe maintained in its natural state.

The twists and turns are many, with slow vehicle turnouts along the way as well.
The Wolf river, running through the reservation.

I give my respect and well wishes to these people. They acted with honor and in good faith and were treated very badly in return. I cannot change the past, but I can acknowledge the truth, and say that I am deeply sorry for the way things were done. I stand for the rights and freedoms for all in my own personal beliefs, and find much wisdom in the native way of life.

Thank you for your service. I give you honor, brave warriors.

Great beauty in the land of the Menominee, great honor in her Peoples. Peace to Turtle Island, and may the water protectors be protected.

Love you all ~Nancy~

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All photography by Nancy Erdmann

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