All of us have friends that never send those pictures or movies of those parties, gigs, vacations that we shared.


Well... That friend , it's me


When I started the interviews, my sample was 10 people, across 10 different backgrounds and 10 different ways of using a mobile device. They came from 5 different countries, 5 women and 5 men, between 25 and 40 years old. I also...

  • Downloaded several app's
  • Read some articles
  • Watched how people used their phones


Among the apps I download here are some of my competitors:

  • CollabraCam
  • Viv
  • Replay Video Editor
  • Magisto
  • iMovie
  • Spark Camera
  • VideoCraft


Across the data that I extracted from my interviews and research I identify two personas. Now I explore the Primary one, the lovely...


I'm lucky enough to to lead a very active life. So I'm always on the go.

Independent • Crazy • Active • Hard working • Creative • Organised...

Music Science degree • Always on the run • Avid user of technology ...

Open air activities, travel, concerts...


Quote this: IDGAF

Relaxed • Funny • Very smart but DGAF

Performer • Not very good with technology • Hate social media networking...


Userflow 1


After collecting so much data it was time to sketch, sketch and sketch again. With pencil, pen, sharpies, yellow, blue, red orange... I tried them all - aaaaaaaaah!

Where is my computer?

After all this art (not) and few quick tests, it was time to start the


Finally I started using the computer, but I have to admit, Amit is right, hand-sketching was a really helpful tool.


Now was time to start prototyping. But there are so many tools out here: Marvel, In-vison, Adobe Xd, and many more. In the end they are just tools, so I had to pick one.

A good idea is better than all the techniques in the world

These were the ones I used...

Now it's time to show you my work...

So lady's and gentleman's here it is...

and I made a video too :D

Test results

Some things went well, others less so.

Some of the bad ones

  • Explore app before Login
  • Export to camera roll
  • Swipe needed for onboarding screens
  • Onboard text should explain how to use the app
  • And a few more

Now for the good ones

  • Good video recording tool
  • Easy
  • Fun
  • ... And 10.000 more good things

UI Design

Next moves

  • Resize some elements
  • Photo capture
  • In-app messages
  • Alert to record
  • Geolocation
  • Connect external devices
  • Multicam streaming
  • Add comments to video timeline
  • ...


Thank you, and you and you. And you in the back!

Created By
Pedro Santana


Final project for GA/UX25/2016

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