When Money Comes Marching Home By Bart Zeal

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2019 | Folk

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“No governments and no Archdukes, Hurrah, hurrah! -- Just recreational McNukes™ Hurrah, hurrah! -- Let each one never pay a tax, that makes a statist's heart relax!”


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Luke Tatum

Well, uh, lol. The YouTube page lists this as a "comical yet critical stance toward anarcho-capitalism," and it really shows just how misunderstood the ancap position is. It's true that a certain stripe of the ancap population frequently jokes about "McNukes" and other such foolishness, but what do ancaps actually believe? First of all, that interactions should be voluntary. The song makes claims such as underpaying Mexicans, shooting people for minor infractions. I haven't quite figured out why this immediate leap to violent enforcement comes from. Paying people a contractually agreed wage isn't "under" or "over" paying. It's just what people have agreed to do. If you don't value the pay more than your labor and time, you don't sign up for it. If it turns out the situation no longer works for you, you leave. And yet, this is the kind of system that gets a walled-off military state with attack helicopters for its video image. Weird.

Sherry Voluntary

The people who wrote this song were trying to be funny and cute, sorry they failed, just like their politics. I would personally like no rulers and to have access to purchase the tools that The State uses to make war. Also, one of the best things that could ever happen is if money came marching home. The military getting out of every other country around the world would literally bring tons of money back home and productive people who would inject the economy with it and not be destroying resources. I think that's a grand idea.

Nicky P

I think whoever suggested this one was trying to pull a fast one on me but like any good libertarian I'm hardheaded and willing to jump through some hoops to make something work. So I'll start by saying Fuck Whoever Wrote This Commie Charicature Of Anarchocapitalism. The place it's written from is one of ignorance of both ethical theory, philosophy and economic principle. Luke was so nice because Luke is a nice guy. Hell if i had a mcnuke i'd find whoever suggested this and...give them a stern talking to because this is the internet and words are forever and I like my daughter having a father. Suffice it to say folks, this is who people think we are. Minarchists, don't think they're giving you any slack either.

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Nicky P

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