The Harn museum and its experience Amanda Davis

Guerrilla Girls, 1985

The first piece of artwork I noticed was by the Guerrilla Girls, a feminist group. They wear masks to hide their face, and perform theatre to protest as well as provide knowledge of the unfair acts against women. I recognized this because we learned about this group as well as watched videos in this course. This work made me feel powerful as a women as well as more informed because of the protest signs they are holding with facts about women in art today. It also showed great use of expressionism by getting their opinions and ideas across.The artists are using this to focus on social issues and feel very strong about their stance- this is not their only piece of work.

Islandia, Goddess of Healing Waters, 1931

This piece of art was the first thing that caught my eye in the Harn Museum. The use of design of the gold colors reflecting the mood of this piece shows symbolism of royalty and purity. (Gold and White.) The statue reminds me slightly of romanticism, seeing it is about creation and variety. The design of the museum enhanced my experience in various ways, but one was putting this piece in the center of the entrance. Because this piece is very graceful and beautiful, it made me see what to expect further on in the museum. This Goddess of Healing Waters made me mesmerized.

Horizontal Mask, 20th century

The Horizontal Mask was used as a funeral for respected elders. They would provide dances and shows for celebration. The materials are made out of wood, brass, fur, and vegetable fiber. This made me feel appreciative of African Culture and provided a new outlook of how things are celebrated all across the world. This shows a great deal of expressionism along with a piece of what minstrel shows were like. Another connection I made was with Stanislavsky's acting system. They use body and voice by certain movements, understanding of each character, etc. (Most of the time they choose an animal) The artist is making a point towards moral values and understanding.

Untitled, 1973.

This was one of my favorite art pieces. Created by John Chamberlain, he turned Aluminum foil and acrylic from used cars into a spontaneous piece of work. This made me feel inspired. It reminds me of the first chapter in class where we went over the definition of art- which is anything that gives you a feeling or expression. The use of color design makes it pop out. Adding simple artwork showed that the Harn museum takes into consideration of ALL forms of artwork, and understands all is very different and speaks out to different people. I do not think the artist tried to make any moral values or social issues known.

Nancy Graves, 1995

My final artwork I chose is by a pioneer named Nancy Graves. I enjoyed this sculpture because of the multiple elements she used to put together and turn into one. This is used as expressionism, seeing she wanted to share her interests in science, culture, ad history by putting it into her art. This material is used to reference music, anatomy, and astrology. It reflects society by showing how everything is different- every design, color, subject- yet it is all put together to form a union.

This class has taught me many valuable lessons. It has taught me every piece of theatre and art is different. It has also made me appreciate it more since I now have more knowledge and a better perspective.

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