Mitsubishi Motors ISF Case Study -1.1

Ralph Garcia, Mgr. International Trade Compliance

“With our significant import volume and limited resources, the amount of work required to comply with the ISF requirement would have been unmanageable without an efficient system. Our biggest challenge with ISF was the fact that our commercial invoices run into a few hundred lines on average and well over 500 lines for the larger ones, with different items and classifications. Manually entering these items to file an ISF would have been very time consuming and error prone”.

"We were looking for a solution that would automate the ISF filing process with limited oversight. We also needed a system that would alert us in case of issues and not require us to review and approve each transaction individually. With GTKonnect, we got the perfect fit for our needs."

"We took the automation to the next level at MMNA"

Anand Raghavendran, CEO of GTKonnect

With the support of Ralph Garcia, Mgr. International Trade Compliance and MMNA IT staff, we developed integration programs to load the shipment information from Japan and other sources. This data load automatically creates the ISF file. While typical ISF systems stop here, we went further comparing part numbers on invoices to their parts database maintained by MMNA.

The system process adds any new parts found on the invoice automatically to the parts database and notifies the user. This process drives the classification process through management by exception. Information entered in the parts database updates the ISF transaction automatically through a batch process eliminating user intervention. If needed, HTS and Country of Origin may be added directly into the ISF entry to missing lines ensuring timely filing. System validations and controls add additional safeguards for complete and correct filings.

"The best part is if all the information is available and complete the system automatically transmits the ISF to customs and does not need any user action for the ISF filing. We have effectively handled the large data volume through various business rules and data loads. Assuming that all information is available, it takes less than a few minutes to process and transmit large shipments and to obtain ISF clearance from US customs."

Ralph also notes “the best part of all this is when we have an issue, we can talk to someone at GTKonnect immediately irrespective of the time of the day and we get to work with knowledgeable and well-qualified resources who can address our issues almost instantaneously. Excellent customer service”.

GTKonnect ISF is a great fit to our complicated and data-intensive business process”.



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