Labeling Everybody does it

There are a lot of different groups at TA that people tend to put labels on. Everybody does it, and some even put a label on themselves. Out of all the possible labels at TA I could have chosen, I chose hicks.

Hick: " A person who lives in the country, regarded as being unintelligent or provincial."

- Oxford English Dictionary

What Is expected of hicks
  • Hicks are expected to be less intelligent and sophisticated then others
  • To have a care free attitude
  • Fish and hunt, be an outdoors person
  • Drink beer and smoke cigarettes
  • Drive a truck and do burnouts
  • Be inteligent about motors and building things
  • Wear camouflage hats with hook pieces on the brim along with carhart working pants and logging boats
  • Wear a lot of flannels and camouflage
  • Talk less articulate and less educated than others
What impact can these expectations have on someone perceived as a hick

Being a hick or being labeled a hick can be both positive and negative in a way. Hicks are often perceived as less intelligent and less civilized then others and it often puts a negative connotation on hicks, along with being reckless and irrational. People outside of the hick group will not usually associate with hicks and rather stick to there own group. On the flipside, hicks have a vast knowledge of things outside of the classroom, such as outdoors skills, labor skills, hunting and fishing, engines and motors, and construction skills. Their knowledge outside of the classroom is far greater then many people not placed in this group.

If you ask most people where they think a hick lands on the hierarchy of labels at TA, I think most would agree that hicks are below where they would rank themselves and their group. It's the thought that hicks are less intelligent or less civilized that makes people place them lower then where they'd place themselves. The term, less then implies that. If you ask a hick, they probably wouldn't care what others think of, nor where others place them on the social ladder. They know they're hicks, they know other people know it, it's something they're proud of and will most likely not let it affect them. Hicks, like mentioned above tend to have a care free attitude. They're more concerned with how big and cool of a burnout they can do while leaving a parking lot.

Hicks overall are usually thought of negatively or socially lower than others

Here's what others had to say about hicks

"I expect them to be driving a truck and wearing camouflage"

"They drive around like idiots"

"They like to show off"

"They're more worried about their trucks than anything else"

"If you're a hick, you should go to a hick town school"

What label I think others put on me

I often times think people see me as a hippie, so I chose hippie.

Hippie: "A person of unconventional appearance, typically long hair, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucihenic drugs"

-Oxford English Dictionary

I often times think people will place me in the hippie label group. They may do this for a bunch of reasons but mostly I think it's my long hair and calm, easy going personality, but I'm no hippie. Hippies tend to stray from the norm, by having unconditional values, wearing unusual clothing often times with lots of colors and tie dye, along with having more spiritual beliefs and behaviors. I'm the opposite, I'm more materialistic than spiritual, and prefer les vibrant clothes. I find hippies to be peretty cool though, the way they live their life and the beliefs they have, I respect it but I'm not apart of it. I think it's a misconception to put long hair on a boy, with being a hippie, yes it's common among hippies but long hair doesn't necessarily make someone a hippie. My brother doesn't quite seem to grasp this idea, sense he's always saying, "cut your hair hippie", he's a hick so he's not fond of hippies or long hair.

The impact this labeling has on me

I can honestly say that being perceived as a hippie doesn't really have a huge impact on me or the way I behave and dress. Besides my hair and personality, there's no connection to me being a hippie, I wear normal everyday clothes, nothing unusual or flashy like hippies. If someone thinks I'm a hippie or that I'm trying to be like a hippie, then that's fine, they're entitled to their own opinion, wether it be factual or not. I'm not the one to let what someone else thinks, effect me in any way, only the way I see myself can do that.

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