CRYSTAL ELIZABETH WESTMAN Author/ Producer/Visual Storyteller

SYNOPSIS: Flora takes a long, intoxicated, walk through Toronto's gritty east side where she is thrown straight into the bowels of time and into her darkest moments of reckoning. ( The road to recovery may be long...but every step counts. )

THOUGHT PROVOKING: Focusing on the theme of addiction and recovery from a pagan perspective, Intoxicated Witch lays the foundation for a discussion on addiction from an alternative point of view.

AUTHOR BIO: Crystal Elizabeth Westman was born in London, Ontario, into the Irish-Canadian culture and pagan landscape. She went on to study the Great Works at Concordia Unversity ( Montreal, QC) where she spent an exorbitant amount of money on reading books. She then went to Toronto to write her own. Her debut novel, Intoxicated Witch, is to be released globally this summer.

VIDEOS & STUFF: Using her background and skills as a video producer and actor, Crystal has found a way to combine the video market with her passion for literature (via the QR code). These codes are encountered throughout the book as an additional sensory experience.

( All music and poetry has been written and sung by the author, with the exception of a few artists who lent their voice and provided instrumentation ).

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