The Harn: Common Activity By Patricia mccleary

Medium/Technique of the Artist: This photograph of Frida Kahlo is a piece of art that I personally enjoyed. Being able to see not only this photo but also the collection it was a part of gave me a different perspective on not only the artist Frida was, but also the person she was. This photograph makes you understand that while she was an artist, her art was not the only thing that made her great. This collection and this picture gives her a humanity that not everyone knows about. Photography is one of my favorite mediums of art because of how real it is. Photography is more often than not something that has happened in real life. I believe that there is something so strikingly beautiful about making art out of the world around us. It communicated to me that there is so much beauty around us that we often don't see and it is so much easier to see it when it is on display like this photograph. Overall, the artwork made me feel that there is always more to the story. As a fan of Frida Kahlo's artwork, this picture makes me admire her even more for the humanity she embodies in this photo.

Design of the Museum: The two pictures above show the layout of the museum, which can mainly be described as open, warm, and inviting. I believe that the Harn does an excellent job of being a professional art institution all-the-while appealing to people who may not consider themselves "art aficionados". One wing I particularly enjoy is the area that focuses on feminism and art. This space is clean and open, as seen in the picture above. The lighting was softer and did not draw away from the works of art and the open space also allowed visitors to walk around and focus on the art that was around them. The arrangement of art was basic and had all of the work on the walls, spread out evenly. I personally loved this layout because it let the visitors focus on the art rather than the environment they were in. Overall, this exhibit made me feel inspired to do the best for women in the art world and it gave me a sense of hope for the world because of its emphasis on social justice an equality.

Art and Core Values: This exhibit evoked many emotions in me as a woman and as a person who grew up in an extremely conservative background. Attending a high school that clearly valued the minds of its male students over those of the female was something that I always knew was wrong. This exhibit points out the inequalities of women in the art world. It especially points out that while women might be the muse in many forms of art, it is more often than not a medium of objectification of women's bodies. This exhibit also points out that it is unfair for so many women to be depicted naked in museums and yet there is such a small amount of female artists in famous museums. One of my core values is equality and I believe that this exhibit does a great job at promoting that ideology of equals. This exhibit makes me angry but it also instills a sense of hope in me because of the people fighting passionately for women in the art world. It helps me better understand what values I cherish because of the feelings it evoked in me. This exhibit allows me to better understand the hardships women go through in the art world and better understand how people of my own gender use their talents in their lives.

Art and the Good Life: The two pieces shown above help me to see the good life in the world around me. We see beauty in both of them and their aesthetically pleasing aspects do help them to be described as art but it is their core values that allow us to see the good life through them. In the first painting, we see a depiction of a beautiful shore. We see the relaxation that so many people view as the good life as well as community and society. The people in the lower part of the photo are congregating together and this creates a type of community that we have learned about in the good life. This painting adds to me appreciation and understanding of the theme of society and community because it allows me to visualize what community is and how my definition of community is not the only one in that world. My second piece of art is the statue above. This piece reminds me of the beauty in our world and how we can have different forms of beauty. What is beautiful for one doesn't have to be beautiful for another and this statue is a great example of the depiction of beauty in art and how it is not a constant and instead is something that anyone has the power to define according to their own terms.

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