Flowers - Free to a good home The joys of over abundant gardening

"Free Plants"

It took little more than a handwritten sign made with a piece of cardboard from a cat litter box, haphazardly taped with black electric tape onto a bamboo stake and poked into the grass on the front lawn. The breeze from the drizzling rain swayed the sign back and forth in time with the fern fronds that stuck up from the pile like dead insects legs at all angles.

But, It Worked Like A Charm

Soon we could see vehicles stopping on both sides of the road, people pausing, peering, poking, and picking...some even waving thanks as they loaded up their cars.

I hate to throw out good plants, even if they do that whole cycle of life thing into the composter and back to the garden reincarnated as beautiful rich soil.....the gardener in me can't bear it.

You can only give so many plants to neighbors and friends before they start coming up with excuses...

Oh, I've um...got lots of those already, thanks....

"You don't even know what kind of plants I'm trying to get rid of...I mean, give away" I'd say...but the answer was a firm, nope. Nope, no way, no thanks.

I needed a whole new audience...hence the roadside sign.

I've Got A Lot Of Plants!

Between self seeders, volunteers, and plants that have decided to take over it's crowded. And to be honest I can't help myself but buy a few....um,.....well a lot of 4 inch perennials each spring. So many plants, never enough garden is my problem.

I'm always forgetting they'll fill out... my garden's been feeling a tad squished.

My Garden Dreams Have Always Included Two Things

1. Wandering through my own cutting garden during the golden hour, gathering armloads of cut flowers for family and friends. 2. Having an abundance of extra plants to give away.

My dreams are made with beautiful soft focus, slow motion images...in my mind. The reality is frantically swatting at mosquitoes, dodging spiders, and sweating in the summer sun.

But, after years of hard work, composting, planning and planting there's now an overabundance of plants that I can share with friends, neighbors and any other unsuspecting person who happens to visit. No one gets to go home empty handed.

Because even garden dreams can be too much of a good thing.

Jen @ Rural

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