Netflix The most popular past time of this generation

The Age of Netflix: Reed Hastings and Marc Rudolph created Netflix in 1997. The idea arose when Hastings was charged a 40 dollar late fee by blockbuster for Apollo 13. This situation prompted these two engineers to make their own DVD-by-mail with no late fees service. Netflix basically ran every DVD rental place out of business. Netflix began to hit millions of subscribers by 2007 when they started live streaming through other devices (playstation, Dish TV).

Netflix Vs. Hulu: As of October 2016, Netflix has 86 million members worldwide, over 4 million still order DVD's from the original service. Netflix was originally known for it's movies, its now inspired by many binge worthy shows. Hulu is very similar, it centers around more TV shows rather than movies. Hulu has 12 million subscribers and it is only available in the US

4 Of The Best Shows On Netflix: Orange Is The New Black: Based on a true story, a middle- class female suddenly gets put into an all female prison as a result of a drug-related crime. The Walking Dead: A normal sheriff's deputy, who amasses a group of zombie survivors leads the team to a zombie free place. Mad Men: This show is taken place is New York in the 1960's. the show follows a very prestigious ad company fighting to keep their place open when the economy Is going through a "radical shakeup". Sons Of Anarchy: This show is all about the brawl of motorcycle gang leader and his stepson, the old-fashioned club president. Both fighting for the gangs future.
From classics to new releases... Top 4 movies on Netflix: The following: This is a story of a man who randomly follows people, but unfortunately gets picked by one of his targets for a scheme. Oceans Twelve: After successfully pulling off robbing five Casinos in one night, Danny Ocean and his crew realize they have spent most of the money they've sold. Now stuck in a bad situation they must figure out another way to get the money back.. in Europe. The Big Short: By the same producer as Anchorman and Step brothers this film is foster to make you laugh. Taking place during the financial crisis in 2007/08, a story about four characters and their fight through this critique of capitalism gone wrong. The Emperor's New Groove: This is a story of a stuck up prince who gets transformed into a llama and has to partner with a farmer to save his kingdom from a witch.

6 signs You're Addicted to Netflix:(1)The Netflix loading page is your worst nightmare.(2) Every hour you tell yourself "just one more episode"until its morning.(3) your life problem is searching for a movie you haven't seen on Netflix.(4) You have no problem binge watching multiple seasons straight.(5) Once a series is over, you have no idea what to do with your time.(6) you don't know what cable TV is.

Coming Soon to Netflix in 2017: Finding Dory (January), The BFG (February), Petes Dragon (March), Queen of Katwa (April), Moana (June), and Rogue One (July).

Netflix isn't the only thing that can consume you, Netflix memes can too.


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