Children of the World the future of our planet

Little girl of Jaipur, India with eye makeup to ward off evil.

texting her friend

Vietnamese little girl

Boys of Kigali putting a show on for the camera.

Rwanda & Tanzania Children
Indian, Turkish, Ecuadorian & Vietnamese children
Children from Vietnam, Ecuador, Rwanda, Turkey
Heavier then you think

Children work throughout most of the world

Dare I say my favorite?

The little girl in the middle picture below spent a hour following us around Quito, Ecuador to sell us her wares. Of course we finally succumbed.

Doing the laundry

Cuban children

Zimbabwe & S. Africa

This little girl on the Plaza de Independencia in Quito Ecuador followed us around patiently as we shopped. When we stopped for a drink she approached us to go through her wares one by one. Couldn't say no so we bought a couple.

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Andrew Goldberg

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