Apothecary By: magnolia

How would you feel if you had to do important surgery every single day? Or if you had to take care of sick people all the time. It would be hard, right? Well a colonial apothecary did that for a living. Apothecary's have to become an apprentice, learn about medicines, and learn about tools. Apothecary's have important jobs because everyone is always getting sick.


Apothecary's have to become an apprentice to learn about their job. It takes 3, 4, 5, or 6 years to know how to be an apothecary plus you would need a college degree. You could even start your career at 15 years-old.

Required Skills

An apothecary has to handle the sight of any health issue. If they could then they'd be known as a doctor's boy. They have to know how to mix herbs correctly and how to take care of a sick person.


An apothecary is required to know what medicine to give someone. And they and need to know how to use a blade, a tongue cleaner, tooth puller, band-aids, and gaze.

You don't become an apothecary over night because it takes a couple of years. Not anyone can do it any day, it takes practice. If you decide to learn more about apothecary's remember that apothecary's have important jobs.


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