Peace & Happiness by Albert Normandin

Traveling to a remote village in the central mountains of Myanmar, I discover a community of 1,000 monks, 416 young nuns and hundreds of civilian students.

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Every afternoon, the 416 nuns climb a long set of steps up to a hilltop temple. Rain or shine, these dedicated young nuns ascend the hill to meditate and pray at sunset.

The first ones up are the designated sweeping crew of the day.

Soon to be followed by the long lines of nuns. As they reach the top of the stairs, I can see and feel the excitement these loyal subjects have for their time of prayers together.

Once all are seated and settle into their respective rows, a wave of silence flows across the nuns as they enter into meditation.

Eventually, the silence is broken by the young voices praying and chanting in unison, as the sun sets over the distant mountain range.

The high altitude air cools and darkness approaches, the prayers are now complete. Once again, the processions form and the nuns head down the stairs to their dorms for the evening…

I am honoured to have been invited and allowed to witness this incredible event.

This truly is a place of peace and happiness.

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Albert Normandin


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