Christmas in France By: Mia Rivera

the history of Christmas in France .
  • The history of Christmas in France is related to the Romans. As the custom associated with Christmas that originated in the 12th century in the middle East were introduced by the Romans to the people of France. History also states that in 496 A.D, 3000 warriors were baptized by Bishop Remi in Reims ( Located in France). Therefore Reims is considered to be the place where Christmas was first celebrated in France.
Reims Christmas market in France.
French Christmas traditions
  • In France, children leave their shoes by the fire place to be filled with treats and gifts.
  • The Christmas celebrations begin on December 5th
  • Soak a log in red wine to make the house smell good, and burn the log on Christmas Eve till New Years.
  • Everyone has a Three kings cake and there's a bean hidden inside of it and whomever finds the bean is Queen or King for the day.
Thee Kings cake in France
French Christmas decorations
  • Have on Nativity Crib in the house made out of wood
  • Christmas Tree decorated with apples, paper flowers and ribbonds
  • French Christmas table
  • Mistletoe
French Christmas table
Types of food the French eat on Christmas
  • The French eat many kinds if delicious great foods on Christmas. The most eaten Christmas meals eaten are Reveillon Dinners, Roast goose, Chocolate Sponge cake, chestnuts, foie grass, and almond cake
Traditional French roast goose.
Other interesting info.
  • 13 different types of deserts are eaten
  • Santa is called "Pere Noel" which is Father Christmas
  • Children go out looking for the three kings and take gifts of hay for the camels
The Three Kings
Same holiday traditions and differences
  • We both leave out treats for Santa such as milk an cookies, but the French leave out carrots for the reindeer and biscuits for Santa.
  • We both decorate a Christmas tree such as lights an ornaments, the French decorate their tree with apples, paper flowers, and ribbons
  • We both leave out something to be filled with treats such as stockings, but the French leave out their shoes to be filled with treats
French biscuits left out for Santa
Strange traditions
  • Since I live in America we do Christmas Traditions a bit differently. The French might think that putting stockings on the wall is weird instead of leaving out our shoes to be filled with treats.
  • We decorate the outside of our houses with bright lights, and the French only decorate the inside of their houses
Christmas Stockings

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