Severe Weather Formation Craig Spencer

Thunderstorm Formation: Thunderstorms are only formed when there is warm air and when there is moisture. There are three stages to thunderstorms.

The Cumulus Stage: Warm air rises, updrafts, cloud grow bigger. The Mature Stage is when the cloud is at its biggest, has large amounts of water, and precipitation occurs. The Dissipating Stage is when precipitation cools down and the storm dies.

Tornado Formation: A thunderstorm begins when warm air occurs. Air begins to roll creating a vortex.

The Fujita Scale measures the strength of a tornado

Hurricane Formation: Must have warm water temperatures, begins with a thunderstorm, air has to be moist for a hurricane to happen, cloud forms a ring (eye wall).

Hurricane Occurrence: Hurricanes happen in the United States for every 5 years. There are only 85 worldwide.

Hurricane Intensity: Hurricanes are determined by the Saffir-Simpson scale. Most of the damage from hurricanes comes from the water waves.

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