The 5 days of Paris My Progress in Marrying The Most Beautiful girl in Verona

March 3, 1597

Today was the day that I went to Lord Capulet to ask him for permission to marry his sweet daughter Juliet. Ah Juliet, she is so beautiful. She smells like a rose and her hair is the color of caramel. I want to make her mine. The only way I can do that is talk to her father and get his consent. So, that is what I did. The day was young and the sun blared down on my forehead making me even more sweaty and nervous than I was before. I really didn't want to mess this up. I walk towards the Capulet's door hesitant at first but then proceeding to knock. A couple minutes after one of Lord Capulet's serving men comes to the door. "Paris, right? Ah, Lord Capulet has been expecting you. " he says. "He will be down in a little bit." he adds before going back to work. At this point in time I start to panic. If you know me I never panic but when it comes to Juliet she just makes me so nervous. I am snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of footsteps behind me. I turn to face the person behind me and come face to face with Lord Capulet himself.

"Paris! Come here son, I was told you were interested in marrying my precious angel Juliet. Is that right?" he steps closer to me waiting for an answer. I was scared out of my mind. What if he disapproved? "Yeah that's is correct sir." I answered with a little more confidence. "Yeah, about that. I'm not going to force Juliet into marrying someone she doesn't want to. The only exception is if she loves you back than I may consider letting you to get married." My spirit was lifted at the sound of his words. He is actually considered me as Juliet's husband. "Thank you so much sir, you will not be disappointed." I said still shocked. "Now there is a party later on I want you to be there to win her over." he says handing me an invitation. "Farewell, I am looking forward to going." I wave and exit the Capulet house nearly skipping down the street. Now as my story comes to an end I have to go get ready for the party. I will probably right later but until then.See ya!

Part two: My progress in marrying the most beautiful girl in Verona.

I went to the Capulet party today. It was delightful. I walk up to the Capulet steps and I can hear the small talk from all the way outside. I walk closer to the steps and Lord Capulet comes into sight."Paris, Juliet is inside waiting to talk to you. She is excited t get to know you." he says. I start getting excited and i jog n through the door looking for Juliet. I spot her across the room and start walking over to her. so I went to talk to her. "Oh Juliet, sweet Juliet how are you doing?" I spoke softly to her and I brought her hand up to my lips and placed a soft kiss upon her hand. Her cheeks flushed red and she put her head down.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked. "Yes please. Would you mind?" she asked. "Not at all." I flashed her a smile and made my way towards the refreshments table. On my way over to the table I see Lord Capulet but I decided not to bother him because he looked busy with his nephew Tybalt and one of the other guests. So, I just kept walking straight trying not to get bumped. It took me a while but I actually got the drinks and headed back to where I thought Juliet would be but she was gone. I look around for her asking her mom where she might have been but nobody knew, until I see her being dragged by the nurse up the steps. I sat waiting for her but it didn't seem like she was going to come out any time soon. Guests were starting to leave and so were my hopes for Juliet. It was a long eventful day and honestly I am getting mixed feelings from Juliet but I am going to keep fighting for her. I will update tomorrow with another story but until next time. See ya!

Part 4: My Progress in marrying the most beautiful person in Verona
Part three: My progress in marrying the most beautiful girl in Verona.

Hello fellow Veronian's. It's Paris here, I know Veronian's is not a word but I thought it sounded cool. Anyways, today was a glorious day. Lord Capulet came to me bearing great news. I will be marrying Juliet. I walked into the Capuket household to be greeted by Lord Capuet and Lady Capulet. "Paris I have great news." Lord Capulet says basically bouncing up and down. "You will be marrying Juliet," Lady Capulet finishes his sentence. "That is great news. When will we hold to wedding? How about Monday?" I asked excitedly. "Monday is too soon. We will make it Thursday!" he says. I sigh a bit but at least I am marrying her. "It will be a grand wedding with musicians, chefs, and lots of Juliet's favorite flowers." Lady Capulet fantasizes. I laugh at how extravagant she wants the wedding to be.

"Now Before you marry my daughter I have to set a couple ground rules." he steps closer putting both of is hands on my shoulders. He looks me dead in the eyes. I get a little nervous and I squirm under his grip. "Ah, who am I kidding you will treat her great. Welcome to the family!" he says engulfing me in a bear hug. "Wow thanks sir I am so glad that is what you think of me." That was probably the best moment of my life. I wanted to hug her right then and there. This blog is coming to an end now because I need to go get Juliet's ring. Until next blog, See ya!

Part 4: My Progress in marrying the most beautiful person in Verona

I am so happy I went to go talk to Friar today. All good news but Juliet was acting a bit weird. I guess it was a little bit of nerves. I guess you all want to hear the story? Well, I walk up to Friar's cell getting ready to see my beloved. She must look so pretty. "Ah, Count Paris Juliet is right over there." he says pointing to her. I turn towards her and now I wish I didn't look because now I can't stop staring. "Juliet my wifeyou look especially beautiful today." I say trying to kiss her but she turned her head so i was kissing her cheek. "Why thank you Paris but I am not your wife yet.." she said smiling but I was a little bit upset because it wasn't like Juliet to be hat rude. I wonder if she feels the same as I do. "Are you still upset over Tybalt?" I suspected because it was her cousin. "Yeah I gues." she answered a bit harsh. "Can you give us time alone?" Friar asks. I hesitate at first but then i shake my head. "Take all the time you need but remember, Thursday I will come to your house and wake you up with a kiss and then you shall get ready for the wedding later on in the day. Goodbye Juliet." I say kissing her hand, but it didn't make her blush like the last time.

I walked up the steps and hid by the corner. I try to listen to what they are saying but it is too muffled. After five minutes I gave up and left. Do you think she was acting weird? Should i talk to her about it? If anyone is willing to help I need it. Oh, I almost forgot! I got this beautiful ring for Juliet I had it especially made. I hope she loves it once I saw it I couldn't stop picturing Juliet with the ring on her finger. Unti next blog, See Ya!

Part 5: My progress in marrying the most beautiful person in Verona.

Today may be my last blog post. My beloved Juliet is gone. In the early morning I heard the faint chimes of wedding bells which encouraged me to get out of bed. The first thing I did was get ready to go visit my soon to be wife. As I neared the door I heard a lot of commotion inside. Walking closer to the door I realize something terrible has happened. I hear the loud sobs of the nurse and Lady Capulet as I place my hand on the knob of Juliet's room. Not waisting another second I fling the door open. All eyes are on me now. "What happened?" I stammered out. "She is dead My dear Juliet is dead!" the nurse sobs. I want to move towards Juliet but my feet are stuck in place. I feel the tears well up in my eyes but I have to be strong for her family but on the inside i am dying.

A tear slides down my face as i join the family in a group hug. It pains me to be this strong. I want to go home and cry but my Juliet's family is in more pain. I look towards Friar and he looks like he has a speech prepared. "Do not worry about the death of your child she is in heaven now and..." I zoned out during his speech it wasn't that important though. At least not to me. How could I think me my beloved wife is dead on our wedding day. I'm sorry I am going to have to end the blog here. I just can't think straight. Well, until next time... if there even is a next time. See ya!

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