To Kill a Mockingbird "Point of View" Assignment by: Erin Moyer

Entry 1: Miss. Maudie's Fire

From the perspective of Boo Radley:

Miss. Maudie's house is burning down right in front of our eyes just like this town. This is why I stay inside all day long. There is no good in this world so why go expose myself with it on a daily basis? I don't care if the whole town is out at the scene of the fire, i will not go out.
If I'm the only one in the town not out at the scene of the fire how am i the only one to see the poor FINCH kids over here freezing to death? How are they all so oblivious? I guess i will just have to take care of these kids myself, as if they were my own children.
I managed to take a blanket out to the kids and put it on them without them even noticing. The whole town is so consumed in every event that occurs in this town that they don't even take the time to look around them and notice things other then what is right in front of their faces.

Entry 2: Jem, Scout and Dill at the Radley house

Form the perspective of Boo Radley:

these poor kids. they constantly keep looking for trouble. they keep running out at night and doing things their father asks them not to do. to make matters worse they are COMPLETELY afraid of my property. i feel bad for them BECAUSE my brother tried to ruin their fun. am i the only one who sees that they are just kids? i bet all the adults telling them not to do something did the same thing when they were a kid. let them go roll in tires and run around at night. they are only going to be kids for a little bit of time before they grow up and grow out of that phase. I feel so bad for them because they were just being curious little kids when my brother scared them away with a gun shot. the last thing these kids need is to get into trouble for trying to have fun.
After seeing them run away in fear, i went out to make sure everyone was okay and that no one was left behind in the garden. luckily all i found was a pair of pants. though that isn't much, i didn't want the kids to get into more trouble because he lost his pants. so i made sure to sew them back up and leave them on the fence IN CASE they would return for them. it was the least i could do after the fright my brother gave them.

Entry 3: Tom Robinson Trial

From the perspective of Helen Robinson:

This trial is puttin' me on edge. how am i supposed to sit through this whole thing and still be sane? I know what he did, he is my husband and i know he aint a bad man. He has only talked to that girl when she has asked him to come on their property. he has told me everything that has ever happened between them and he is COMPLETELY innocent. he has never touched her but yet his side of the story won't be enough. there aint nothin' i can do about it and it scares me to death. what am i to do if i lose him since this whole town is down right racist. how am i supposed to make a living on my own? what about our kids? what am i supposed to do with them? i can't image my life without him but there is nothin' i can do to make sure this case rules in our favor. atticus is a good man and i'm so thankful for everything he is doin' for us but i just have this feelin' that it won't be enough.

Entry 4: Bob Ewell's attack on Jem & Scout

From the Perspective of Boo Radley:

I heard a noise. an unusual noise. almost like a desperate scream, a cry for help. not just one voice, but two. i went outside to look around and to see if there was anything i could do and if someone was in danger. luckily i didn't let this pass my mind as a bunch of wild kids this halloween night because what i found was far from innocent kids wandering around in costumes. it was bob ewell and he was not in a good state of mind. you could smell the ALCOHOL in his breath and on his clothes. I saw him running after poor little scout and jem and attacking them. for who knows what reason he thought this was okay but it was far from it. doing the only thing i thought to do i took hold of him and keep him from getting any closer to the kids as they lay on the ground in fear and pain. Kitchen knife in hand, i was able to end him once and for all. AT this point i didn't care about the CONSEQUENCES, I was going to do whatever it took to keep those kids safe.


After doing this assignment, I learned how much a difference it can make to look at a situation from another person's point of view. Words and actions affect everyone differently and we don't know how until you are in their shoes. You can't just assume you know how a situation makes someone else feel because you aren't them. The reason Mr. Crooke had us do this assignment is so that we see all the sides to a book and not just the perspectives that it is written in. It allows for us to expand our knowledge and understanding of the book. We gain a better understanding of people's perspectives so we can take this into our daily lives. It shows us to think of others and how our actions will make everyone feel before we put them into action. It opens our eyes to see that this world doesn't revolve around you, or me but around all of us. Sometimes you have to take off your favorite pair of shoes, the ones you have grown to know and love and never want to grow out of, and walk in someone else's. It allows us to see the world through a new pair of eyes and understand others better. It helps us to think more about others and less about ourselves. Assignments like these could change your view on a book or they could have a bigger affect and change how people live their lives.

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