Phonies who say "you should of been there" Grace Chialdikas

Okay so I was just having a simple conversation with some buddies. No one was making me mad or anything. Just talking about what the plans for the weekend were. Then something really crumby happened. Here's how it went... while discussing plans I brought up an original idea to go out to this cool pizza place. Yes I know its not so original but its something my friends and I never do, becauseĀ fun to them is sitting in the basement watching dumb movies. Anyways I could really tell I was losing their interest as soon as I said " It's kinda expensive". They are complete phonies because they have money they just choose not to spend it since basements are super fun! Then I brought up the name of the restaurant and that's when everyone started to really tick me off. One guy goes, "Oh I've been there before!" This really got me going because now they are gonna tell me its some cool place in which I already know. My other friend says, " Yes I've been there too, I ate a whole pizza to myself there because it was so good. You should of been there!" Oh wow now I was mad, this whole time it came across to be some dumb idea but once they actually turned their brains on they realized that they actually went to the restaurant without me! And they had to rub in my face by laughing at the good times they had there without me because apparently I was busy or something. It just goes to show how typical these friends I have are. Actually I'm glad I wasn't there because id rather be dead than have to sit down at a table with those people!

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