Stop Hunger Now & World Food Day Social MEdia Toolkit

World Food Day, October 16, is a global day of action against hunger. Created by the United Nations in 1979, millions of hunger activists have used World Food Day as an opportunity to make a real impact in the fight against world hunger. Stop Hunger Now is joining this exciting global movement as we work toward our goal of ending hunger in our lifetime. This year's theme is:

"Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too."

Education and awareness are the first steps to understanding and solving any issue–and the issues of climate change and world hunger are no different. We encourage you to use your social network for social good this World Food Day.

Spark Conversation

Find some sample posts for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook below to get you started.


  • Climate shocks disproportionately affect the most vulnerable people at risk of hunger. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • The goal is to end hunger by 2030. But without addressing #climatechange, it can't be done. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • Everyone has a role in mitigating the effects of #climatechange. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • We can end hunger in our lifetime and become the Zero Hunger Generation, but everyone needs to work together to achieve this goal. And addressing climate change is a key component of this work. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • The global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. To meet such heavy demand, agriculture must adapt to the effects of #climatechange to become more resilient, productive and sustainable. It's the only way we can lift up ecosystems and impoverished populations while reducing emissions. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • Food waste accounts for about 8% of global climate pollution, more than India or Russia. Not only is that food wasted, but all the resources that went into its production - manpower, feed, water - is as well. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • One of the biggest issues related to #climatechange is food security. The world’s poorest - many of whom are farmers and fishers - are being hit hardest by higher temperatures and increasingly frequent weather-related disasters. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • Over 70% of the world’s poor live in rural areas - the majority of which earn income from agriculture. Without concerted action to build resilience against #climatechange, many of our planet's most vulnerable inhabitants will struggle to generate enough food and income to feed themselves and their families. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • Variable rainfall and temperatures, as well as extreme weather events, threaten to disrupt food production. Yields for major crops (maize, wheat, rice and soybeans) could decline 5-60% by 2100. The effects on food prices and security – particularly in major food-importing regions – could be significant. #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • The global goal is to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. But without addressing climate change, it cannot be reached. Get involved: #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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  • Climate-smart agriculture sustainably increases productivity, resilience, and food security. Donate now to Stop Hunger Now's well-building and drip irrigation project in Haiti to support support smallholder farmers & smart ag. #WFD2016
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  • This #WFD2016, take the pledge to become an advocate for individuals and communities suffering from hunger. #StopHungerNow
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  • The toughest issues facing our planet — hunger, poverty, education— are all connected to the need for climate action. Take action now: #StopHungerNow #WFD2016
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Climate change and hunger are all of our problems.

Thank you for joining Stop Hunger Now in rising against them.

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